Odin Mini Tactical Flashlight

Olight Odin Mini

Whenever I receive a flashlight from overseas, I never expect to be wowed. But I have to say, Olight is one company that continues to raise the bar time and time again. With the Odin mini tactical flashlight, Olight has hit another home run. Let’s start off with the fact that it is waterproof. That’s […]

The Olight Warrior 3 Tactical Flashlight

Warrior 3

One company that I have always been overly impressed with is Olight. Each time they submit a product to us to evaluate, they seem to continue to raise the bar each time. Yes, there a lot of flashlight manufacturers out on the market today, but there are very very few that pay close attention to […]

The Obulb MC Bulb Light from Olight

Every now and then we come across something that is just…well…cool. The Obulb MC Bulb Light from Olight is certainly that, and a lot more. First and foremost, The MC Bulb is super fun to interact with, and combines some exciting lighting into a virtual sensational experience. Plus, this little light has some expansive features […]

Review of the Baldr S Tactical Light from Olight

The Baldr S Tactical Light: SUPER BARGIN If you are a conceal carry owner, you can really understand the advantages to being able to see what you are aiming at. Many conceal carry owners are now opting for a weapons-mounted light, not only their AR but also on their everyday carry pistol and even home […]

OLIGHT Offers Huge Sale on Warrior Mini 2 Bundle

The Warrior Mini-2 LED flashlight truly is one of the finest offerings from OLIGHT. Designed for rugged hardcore abuse, the Warrior Mini-2 is the ideal flashlight for just about any weather condition. Now for a limited time introduction you can get the OLIGHT Warrior Mini-2 for 35% off retail and get the entire bundle for […]