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Our Editorial Staff

Joshua Sykes

Joshua Sykes is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin with a degree in Communications Public Relations. Josh has been a media member in the Firearms and Outdoor industry for over 20 years. Josh grew up hunting and fishing all over the state of Tennessee, and has also raised his family there. A lover of all things outdoors related, Josh enjoys experiencing, testing and evaluating all types of outdoor related products and sharing them with the Outdoor News America fan base! 

Eve Flanigan 

Eve is a defensive shooting and lifestyle student, practitioner, and instructor based in the American Southwest. Flanigan holds numerous NRA Instructor certifications and is licensed to instruct New Mexico’s intensive Concealed Carry course. She regularly designs, conducts, and co-teaches classes on concealed carry, introduction to pistol, defensive pistol, basic rifle, last-ditch medical, and use of force for civilian students.  Flanigan enjoys competing in run-and-gun biathlons that include carbine and pistol.