The KelTec P17! A Jewel of Value Under $199!

KelTec P17

There really isn’t much you can buy these days under $200 and expect quality and craftsmanship all at the same time. Well, KelTec has totally accomplished this with the build of the P17 22LR handgun. Not only is the little thing impressive, but it is also an absolute performer! The P17 operates on a straight […]

The Rossi RS22: A Dandy 22LR at an Affordable Price!

Rossi RS22

I would be willing to bet that most shooters got their start with a 22LR rifle. For me, that was just the case. Growing up in the country I can remember shooting tin cans with my dad and learning the ins and outs of sighting my target and loading the rifle. It was a ton […]