The KelTec P17! A Jewel of Value Under $199!

There really isn’t much you can buy these days under $200 and expect quality and craftsmanship all at the same time. Well, KelTec has totally accomplished this with the build of the P17 22LR handgun. Not only is the little thing impressive, but it is also an absolute performer!

The P17 operates on a straight blowback system and has a very nice trigger coming in at just under 3lbs. The empty weight of 10.9 ounces also makes this one of the lightest handguns to ever be produced. KelTec has been known in the past to totally think outside the box. Creating a 22LR handgun is not something that is so far out of the norm, and to be honest with you, I feel like KelTec has added just the right number of bells and whistles to the P17 to make it a must-have purchase.

KelTec P17 is Loaded with Features

The P17 literally ate every round of ammo we wanted to throw in it. It operated the best on the CCI mini mags in my opinion, but it cycled just fine with standard Federal and Remington as well. The P17 comes with a threaded barrel for suppressed shooting if you prefer (and I would also prefer).

So many little features have been added to make this an exceptional little gun. I love the large glow front sights, and the addition of a front rail leaves you room for weapon-mounted light or laser…or both! I love the fact that this handgun has a full-sized grip for us guys with big hands. It just feels good in your hand, and that makes shooting it even more enjoyable. Two magazines, that hold 16 rounds each, come with the P17 in the box.

The Large Front Glow Sight makes Shooting the P17 very Enjoyable
The P17 comes Set for Your Optic of Choice

Here is a look at the detailed Specs:

Caliber .22LR

Weight Unloaded 0.7lbs

Magazine Capacity 16

Overall Length 6.7″

Barrel Length 3.8″

Barrel Threads 1/2-28 TPI

Height 5.3″

Width 1.2″

Trigger Pull 3lbs

All and all the KelTec P17 is one of those handguns that if you don’t buy it, you will always regret it. So do yourself a favor and pick yourself up today! For additional specs and information on the P17 and other KelTec products, visit