Shimano Announces New Macbeth Crankbait Collection

Shimano leverages a century of tackle design excellence to craft the new Macbeth series of freshwater lures. Now, bass fanatics can wield a comprehensive array of meticulously-designed crankbaits to dissect the shallows and land their next trophy. Six distinct designs couple exceptional wobbling action, precision internal weight placement, and intricately-tuned diving lips with ten strike-provoking color patterns to help Macbeth lures grab the attention of oversized bass.

Macbeth 63F

The Macbeth 63F crankbait expands Shimano’s offering of freshwater lures and is the ideal option for anglers cranking in heavy cover or targeting fish actively feeding on bait. The Hybrid Edge square bill enables the MB-63F to dive to depths of three to five feet while creating a dynamic swimming action with a tight wobble that’s irresistible to trophy fish. The one-piece internal molded weight within the Macbeth concentrates the lure’s center of gravity to allow it to recover faster while running true during various retrieve speeds. The Hybrid Edge square bill also provides durable performance that’s ready to tackle the gnarliest of natural and artificial environments as it deflects off structure in anticipation of the next big bite. Each Macbeth 63F is 2 ½” (63 mm) long, weighs ⅝ oz (16 g), and has an MSRP of $10.99.

Macbeth 50F

The combination of an oversized Hybrid Edge square bill design, high buoyancy and fixed one-piece weight construction make the Macbeth 50F the optimal lure choice when anglers need to downsize their presentation or size-match forage fish. More compact than the Macbeth (63mm), the MB-50F (50mm) features a Hybrid Edge square bill that creates an aggressive side-to-side wobble and incorporates a molded internal weight to keep it running true while recovering quickly after contacting heavy cover. With a diving depth of three to five feet — ideal for making strike-inducing ground contact — the Macbeth 50 features a thick-diameter rear hook for added durability and increased hook-up ratios when fighting the toughest trophy bass. Each Macbeth 50F is 2” (50 mm) long, weighs ⅜ oz (12 g), and has an MSRP of $10.99.

Macbeth Big 75F

The Macbeth Big 75F packs a robust profile to make it the largest offering in the Macbeth family of freshwater lures. Shimano designed this specialized crankbait for heavy cover with a diving depth of three to five feet, making it ideal for targeting bass feeding on larger forage fish. The Macbeth Big features a Hybrid Edge bill to give this crankbait a dynamic rolling action with a fast wobble to elicit reaction strikes. The one-piece molded weight within the buoyant MB-75F Big keeps the bait running true even during fast retrieves and recovers quickly after contacting cover. From shallow to mid-range depths, the Macbeth Big adds versatility while triggering trophy-class strikes. Each Macbeth Big 75F is 3” (75 mm) long, weighs ¾ oz (21 g), and has an MSRP of $10.99.

Macbeth Flat 57F

The Macbeth Flat 57F is a shallow-running flat-sided crankbait that employs Shimano’s JET BOOST lure technology to defeat the unstable casting performance of most flat-sided crankbaits. JET BOOST technology utilizes centrifugal force to stabilize the flight posture of the MB-57F Flat and improve casting distance and accuracy without sacrificing swimming action. The MB-57F Flat features a Circuit Board round bill to produce a tight rolling action with a subtle body flick and a three to five-foot diving depth. The Macbeth Flat slowly floats, so it remains in the strike zone longer – perfect when fishing in cold water or pressured fish. Each Macbeth Big 75F is 2 ¼” (57 mm) long, weighs ⅜ oz (9 g), and has an MSRP of $11.99.

Macbeth Shallow 50F

The combination of a Hybrid Edge round bill, strong buoyancy, and fixed one-piece weight construction make the Macbeth Shallow 50F the perfect crankbait for sub-surface cranking in depths just under one foot. Shimano engineered the Hybrid Edge round bill to achieve a fast and fish-enticing swimming action with the durability to withstand punishing contact with cover. The wide round bill on the MB-50F Shallow protects the front hook while reeling through rocks, wood, dock pilings and more, while a thick-diameter rear hook stands up to obstacles and adds durability during tough fights with trophies. The unique one-piece weight within the Macbeth Shallow concentrates the center of gravity, allowing the lure to recover quickly after making contact with cover while enticing aggressive reaction bites. Each Macbeth Shallow 50F is 2” (50 mm) long, weighs ½ oz (13 g), and has an MSRP of $10.99.

Macbeth Tiny 39F

The Macbeth Tiny 39F showcases a compact profile and is the smallest crankbait within the Macbeth family. The lure is ideal for anglers targeting pressured fish or bass preying on small forage fish with a finesse presentation using casting or spinning tackle. The MB-39F Tiny features a Hybrid Edge square bill for added durability during contact with cover and provides a dynamic wobbling action with a diving depth of two to four feet. The one-piece molded internal weight enables the buoyant MB-39F to recover quicker after contacting cover, allowing anglers to retrieve the Macbeth Tiny with various retrieval speeds to draw reaction strikes from trophy fish. Each Macbeth Tiny 39F is 1 9/16” (39 mm) long, weighs ⅛ oz (5 g), and has an MSRP of $9.99.

Each of the six lures in the Macbeth collection is available in a library of ten strike-provoking colors – Blue Black Chart, Bluegill, Clear Green Craw, Ghost Shad, Hot Mustard, Pro Blue, Purple Back Chart, Red Craw, Sleeper Shad and Sexy Shad – so anglers can match the hatch anytime they’re chasing bass in shallow water. Look for the entire Macbeth family at authorized Shimano retailers this spring.