LUCID Optics Increasing US Made Components in Manufacturing

Lucid Optics, manufacturer of high quality firearms optics and accessories, has announced changes in their production and import process that will allow for more US made components in the manufacturing of Lucid products. “In the wake of being caught up in a logistical power struggle between international supply chain issues, politics and union labor struggles, Lucid Optics has taken steps into developing the infrastructure and modified some of our supply chain to embrace US manufacturing of key optics in our Riverton, Wyoming facility,” says Jason Wilson of Lucid Optics.

With setbacks like product and labor shortages, shipping and production delays and supply issues becoming a shared problem for many industries, businesses have had to look for ways to solve these issues and reduce their impact on business operations. To do that, Lucid Optics has considered how they can provide solutions while also embracing their values as an American owned small business. Supporting American jobs and contributing to US economic growth is a strong priority for Lucid Optics. With this in mind, the team at Lucid is committed to increasing their use of US made components in manufacturing Lucid products. “Will these items cost more? Sure, but whenever the conversation about this is breached, our customers almost always say that they would be willing to pay more for a US made item,” Wilson adds. “With the advances in technology and some of our relationships with component manufacturers, this will be a challenge that should yield an incredible step in the right direction for the Lucid Optics product line.”

About Lucid Optics: Lucid Optics is a Wyoming based optics and firearms accessory manufacturer that strives to offer a balance between ultimate performance quality and cost affordable products. From our flag ship HD7 to our outstanding line of riflescopes, Lucid trains and listens to the experts in the field to design and develop some of the most trusted optics in the industry. Backed by over 30 years of experience, Lucid Optics is the leader in quality affordable optics solutions. 

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