KastKing Spooling Station and Rod Rack

As any fisherman knows, you tend to collect a lot of various rods and reels for different fishing situations and environments. Storage for all these can be a huge challenge. If you are like me, the wife will not allow rod and reel storage outside of the garage, and spilling them over into the kitchen is always a no-no! Thankfully, KastKing now offers an innovative solution with their new KastKing spooling station and rod rack that allows users to not only store your rod and reels, but also offers a very unique feature for spooling new braid or mono on your reels.

KastKing V10LS Spooling Station and Rod Rack has a unique built-in line spooling system and curved design to give you maximum storage in a minimum space for your fishing gear.

The upper rod rack includes a spooling fixture for spooling spinning or casting reels and a shaft to store your leader line spools and filler spools. KastKing also includes their Line Boss tension bands that come in handy for keeping the line on your spools and also for applying tension during the spooling process.

The KastKing V10LS line spooler is designed to position the filler spool axis perpendicular to the rod for spooling casting reels. This orientation permits line to unroll from the filler spool and roll directly onto the casting reel spool without twisting the fishing line during the process. Our unique Line Boss tension band system allows for quick adjustments to the line tension being applied during the spooling process to ensure the line is tight on the spool.

For spinning reels, the filler spool axis is positioned parallel to the rod which allows the fishing line to un-coil from the filler spool and coil onto the spinning reel spool. This prevents the line from twisting as it is being spooled onto the spinning reel. The adjustable Line Boss tension band is used to apply the ideal pressure to make sure the line lays down correctly on your fishing reel and it is not too loose.

The rod rack can hold up to 10 rods or combs. Removable cups on the lower rack allows you to change the height of the reels providing more clearance for adding or removing combos from the V10LS. We have also included a storage shelf on the lower rod rack for storing pliers, line scissors, fishing line, or other items.

The innovative V10LS Spooling Station Rod Rack makes it easy to spool your reels and manage all your fishing gear.

KastKing V10LS Spooling Station and Rod Rack

Here are some really cool features of the new V10LS

  • UNIQUE PATENT PENDING DESIGN – Spool fishing line on spinning reels and casting reels without fishing line twist – adjustable line spooling tension bands ensure that line is spooled tightly on the reel – works with monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing line – fishing rod storage for up to 10 rods or combos in only 18” of wall space – store fishing line spools – includes shelf storage for fishing pliers, line cutters, fishing tools, and more!
  • PATENT PENDING LINE SPOOLING TOOL- The innovative KastKing patent pending line spooling station is simple to use and will spool spinning reels and baitcasting reels without any line twist. The built-in line spooling tool can be mounted to the rod rack for spooling reels or placed in the storage position when not in use. Its compact size uses very little space. Made with non-rusting ABS materials.
  • NO LINE TWIST – The KastKing V10LS line spooler design is simple to use. To spool a casting reel, the line comes off the top of the filler spool and winds directly onto the top of a casting reel without changing the coiled memory of the line. For spinning reels, the line is un-coiled from the filler spool and coiled directly onto the reel spool in the same fashion. The line naturally coils onto the reel spool with zero fishing line twist.
  • SPOOLING MADE EASY – Place a Line Boss tension band on a spool of line, mount the spool to either the metal spool shaft for casting reels or to the spooling fixture for spinning reels. Then attach the fishing line to the reel spool and crank the handle to fill your fishing reel with your favorite fishing line. Instruction cues are molded into the tool as a quick reference to ensure your setup is correct for spinning reels.
  • STORE COMBOS & GEAR – V10LS KastKing rod racks and line spoolers have a unique curved design and adjustable cups allowing staggered reel height for minimum storage space of your fishing combos. The upper rod rack metal shaft offers spool storage and an integrated storage shelf to help manage fishing gear such as fishing pliers or line scissors. KastKing also included two Line Boss tension bands to assist with spooling reels and to help manage the line on your leader and filler spools.

To Purchase a V10LS Rod Rack for only $49.99 visit www.kastking.com