Cobra Archery Granted Patent on Trigger Design

Cobra Archery has been granted a patent on a trigger designed for archery releases. This new design has multiple applications that can be found in the wrist strap & handheld categories. Its no-travel design locks into position the trigger and hook forming a solid resting position. The owner and designer Jake Major said, “The trigger and hook have independent axis points and when rotated inward towards each other creates a rock-solid position.” Jake explained further “This innovative design reduces parts needed and when set, it either breaks clean or doesn’t move. It’s one or the other, it has no travel.” Ironically this technology leap was conceived and sketched in less than 30 minutes. Since then, this innovation has been injected into their Moment, Select, Harvester & Professional release aids. No other release on the market has the innovation that reduces parts, increases accuracy, while gaining enormous strength & reliability. Cobra Archery simplifies through innovation. Every product they produce you will find this philosophy. To learn more about this trigger system please visit their website at