Skinner Sights Launches New Cartridge Pockets!

Skinner Sights has long been known for quality sighting systems for lever rifles throughout the industry. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that Skinner Sights recently purchased a sewing shop, and now offers a lot of cool accessory products for the modern-day shooter! Skinner Sights would like to introduce the launch of their Skinner Sights Cartridge Pocket!

Cartridge Pockets are great for carrying a few spare rounds in your pocket while out and about. Sewn by Skinner Sewing Shop, made in Montana, these are sure to fit the bill for any hunting hiking the back trail.  Built from premium materials and like all Skinner Sewing products, these cartridge products are durable, and the stitching is sewn to last.

Fits several rifle calibers

“I like to keep a couple extra rounds “just in case” in my pocket in a way that doesn’t rattle or damage other items that may be in the pocket,” says Andy Lawson, President of Skinner Sights.  “This “pocket” carrier is just right. It will fit in a front or rear pocket, securely hold 4 rounds of ammo, Fits 30-30 – 45-70 and almost anything else.”

Easy to remove a cartride

Cartride Pockets are small, lightweight, have sturdy stitching, and are made of Cordura. They are lightly padded and offer a secure rim for ease of withdrawing rounds.  Everything to love, nothing to hate, you may want several. Available in our Calming Olive Green, Rustic Brown, or Tacticool Black.

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MSRP $12 plus shipping