Lucid Optics Advances the L7 Rifle Scope

In the world of optics the competition is fierce, and it seems these days its either a race to who can manufacturer the most expensive product on the market or who can make something you can buy for the price of a haircut. With this being said, it leaves a huge hole right in the middle for quality and value…and this is where Lucid Optics fills the void.

One of Lucid’s most popular rifle scopes, the L7 has recently gone through an “under-the-hood” overhaul. Talking with Lucid Optics CEO Jason Wilson, we got the scoop on what all has taken place at Lucid and what sparked the overhaul on one of their most popular items.

Lucid Optics L7

“At Lucid, we have really taken things to the next level over the past two years,” says Wilson. “We started off by bringing in the manufacturing of several parts and casings in-house to the United States. It was a huge undertaking, but in an effort to continue offering our customers top-quality products, and to help combat a lot of the freight issues it was a must. The L7 has quickly become one of our most popular products and we wanted to upgrade the coatings and the glass quality to give our customers an even better optic and more bang for their buck. Trust me when I say, the older model L7’s had nothing wrong with them, this was just Lucid continuing to make things better.”

60MOA Windage and Elevation

Built on a very durable 30mm aircraft grade one-piece tube construction, the 1-6×24 is built to take the abuse of a serious operator. The L7 is a second focal plane optic that offers the P7 reticle and even has a very unique blue glow option.

The P7 Reticle found on the Lucid Optics L7

The windage and elevation turrets are 60MOA either side of optical center and are set with an easy to use lift, adjust, press down to lock design that is highly accurate and durable with re-zeroable turrets. The 1-6×24 offers an operator a magnification lever for fast changes to the zoom function. The MSRP on the Lucid L7 is $659, but can probably be found for a little less at your local dealer.

If you’d like further information on the L7 or any other Lucid optics products, please visit them online at

NOTE: In the video below, we call the optic a first focal plane optic, but please note that it is a Second Focal Plane Optic