Lucid Optics Hosts another Successful Ballistic Summit!

September is a great time of year to be in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Couple that with new gear and firearms at the 4th annual Lucid Optics Ballistic Summit held at the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, New Mexico and it’s hard to get any better. This event is intended to give media outlets a look at current and upcoming products in the firearms and shooting world with the opportunity to give said products a good tryout.

Lucid Optics, the sponsor of the Summit is based in Riverton, Wyoming and has become known for quality optics and related accessories at an affordable price as their motto “On Target, Under Budget” describes. Jason Wilson, founder and CEO of Lucid Optics coordinated numerous manufacturers associated with the shooting industry for this year’s event.

New for 2022 from Lucid Optis is the P8, Prismatic 4X Optic. This optic will replace the Lucid P7 Prismatic optic with a much upgraded and smaller overall package. The really cool feature of this optic is that the reticle is blue, instead of the more commonly used red or green. This allows for the human eyes natural ability to pick up the blue spectrum of color with better focus and clarity, according to Wilson. This new optic will be available in late November of 2022 and retail for around $400.

Other product lines from Lucid Optics includes:

You will find many other accessories such as magnifiers, scope rings, targets, quick release mounts, tripods and much more at

Other gun industry companies at 2022 Lucid Optics Ballistic Summit include:

Lucid Optics P8


After being afforded the opportunity to test out a couple of the AIRFORCE Airguns” during the Ballistic Summit all I can say is, this is not your grandpas BB gun.

AIRFORCE Airguns representative Ton Jones was on hand demonstrating the big bore “Texan” model in .45 caliber. This airgun can fire a 350-grain projectile over 1000 feet per second. Needless to say, the air powered Texan and comparable models are sought out for big game hunting. 

AIRFORCE Airguns provide a flexible platform designed to meet a wide variety of shooting needs in the airgun world. Many models and calibers are available to include target, hunting and competition. Prices vary so be sure to check out their website at the link above.

Airforce Airguns

APF Armory

Interested in a hunting caliber in an AR platform? Or maybe an AR for long range, competition, self-defense or law enforcement? Then you will want to check out APF Armory with 32 calibers and a wide selection of AR models to choose from.

APF (Alex Pro Firearms) offers AR models in pistol, carbine, varmint, target, magnum long rifle, hunter, DMR (carbon fiber), and law enforcement specific use (over 100 law enforcement agencies in the US are utilizing APF firearms). 

In a nutshell APF specializes all of you AR platform needs to include: firearms manufacturing, suppressors, receivers, bolt carrier groups, muzzle brakes, handguards, barrels and much more.

APF Armory

Bilson Arms

Looking for an AR buttstock that offers something unique? Then check out the Bilson Arms  pivoting butt stock that will fit on any mil spec buffer tube. The “Patent-Pending Pivotal Buttstock”, comes complete with radial positioning indication and was designed to aid in rotational shooting positions.

When on the range and trying out the pivotal butt stock I could easily see the advantages for 3-gun competitors and law enforcement applications.

Bilson Arms also specializes in AR billet lowers, Cerakote finishes, machining and customized gun design.

The Pivotal Buttstock weighs only one pound and retails for $235 and is offered in several colors.

Bison Arms Butt-stock

Firebird Targets

Want a target that will give immediate feedback with a flare? Then check out Firebird Targets. These signal devices for target strikes provide instant feedback of your accuracy to hit a small target at distance. You must of course, hit the target!

The target disks have self-adhesive backing so that they can be placed directly on a target (steel targets work best) at a minimum of 50 feet. A direct hit results in an explosive result what is both audile and visual. Another plus, these targets can be used for pistol, rifle, shotgun, archery and even airgun.

Available in two sizes, 2 inch (model 50) and 2.5 inch (model 65) these targets offer and added level of challenge and satisfaction to any marksmanship exercise. Firebird can be utilized at distances as far as can be hit, in accordance with the shooter’s ability.

Retail for a five pack of Fire Bird targets is about $17 to $ 20 depending on the size. I can personally attest to the fact that these targets are a blast!

Firebird Targets
Firebird Targets on Steel Plate


The application of a tourniquet in an immediate major blood loss event is critical. For folks that are defensive minded the Retten.1 company has developed the Weapon Mounted Tourniquet or “W.M.T”. as it is better known.

As demonstrated by company owner Jason Kollander, the device is a unique forend mount for your AR that will hold and carry the CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet). Sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum firmly holds the TQ in place. The unique design allows the shooter to stay hands-on with the weapon while easily accessing a TQ single handedly.

Even if you are already carrying a tourniquet, carrying a second one is a good idea. In today’s world every tool available in a threatening environment is worth consideration. Retail for the mount and a Generation 7 CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) is $94.95.

Retten 1

Shaw Custom Barrels

Shaw Custom Barrels has been around for over 100 years and is a family-owned business. The fact that their barrels are world class is no secret with Shaw entering the firearms barrel business during the WWI era.

Today companies like CheyTac USA are using Shaw Barrels in their extreme, long-range rifles which says something in itself. Shaw offers custom barrels in over 180 calibers, and also produces custom rifles that are extremely accurate. They are offering both AR10 and AR15 platform rifles in numerous calibers along with quality bolt hunting rifles.

As always Jason and Jamie Wilson put on an awesome event with the Lucid Optics Ballistic Summit. The NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico provides excellent gun ranges and scenery for this event. The 2022 Ballistic Summit was well organized and gave all in attendance the opportunity to try out both new and innovative products in the shooting industry. 

Custom Rifle from Shaw Barrels


TERRY NELSON – is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement with police and sheriff agencies, including SWAT and sniper roles, and has served as a state game warden. Nelson also served seven years with New Mexico State Guard. A lifelong hunter, guide, tracker and firearms enthusiast, Terry is sought for training in multiple disciplines by both civilian and police-serving agencies and companies. Nelson also holds a Basic Tac Med instructor certification from Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.