Navy Arms Offering FRF2 Sniper Rifles

Navy Arms, a historical firearms importer and replica manufacturer has secured FRF2 Sniper Rifles and has them available for sale while supplies last!

Since it was founded in the 1950’s, Navy Arms has imported millions of surplus firearms from around the world, including highly collectable military sniper rifles of the 20th Century.

During the ‘new golden age’ of surplus in the 1990’s, Navy Arms imported Belgian FN49 snipers, Russian PU Mosin and Dragunov snipers, as well as the rare British L42 Enfield sniper rifle.

“Once again, Navy Arms has succeeded in bringing military collectors a heretofore unseen model — the French FRF2 sniper rifle,” says Val Forgett, President of Navy Arms. “We are proud to offer these unique pieces of firearms history to military collectors and target shooters.” 

Used in dozens of countries by the French military and police, the FRF2 was a redesigned, upgraded version of the French MAS 36 rifle, chambered in 7.62×51 (.308 Winchester).

Each FRF2 rifle that Navy Arms has for sale has been hand-inspected to ensure there are no defects and that each gun is complete and operational.

For more information on the FRF2, and all Navy Arms products, please go to and also their YouTube channel “The Navy Arms Channel”

FRF2 Sniper Rifle #FRF2G1
Cal: 7.62×51 NATO (.308 Winchester)
BBL: 24″
Magazine Capacity: 10 rds
LOP: 13.5″
OAL: 44.5″
Condition: V.G.
Stock: Wood
Stock Finish: Oil
Accessory Pack: Includes bi-pod, scope mount with pic rail, sling, two (2) magazines, 2-pocket mag pouch, two (2) stock spacers, two (2) cheek piece risers, take-down tool, barrel pull-thru with brass lead, take-down tool/pull-thru carry pouch, oil bottle, field bag and field manual.
MSRP: $8,995.00

FFR2 Navy Arms
FRF2 Navy Arms