Weapons Mounted Lights – A balancing act of design, application, and cost.

Today, there is simply no valid reason to not have some form of light mounted directly on a firearm designed specifically for a defensive or tactical application. The challenge, I want to help with is, choosing the right item for the application. As with anything, there are a ton of decisions to be addressed before […]

ET Arms Unveils PlumCrazy AR Pistol

PlumCrazy Pistol

(Lake Havasu, AZ) –  ET Arms Inc. is proud to introduce the new PlumCrazy Generation 2 AR-15 pistol. The PlumCrazy 5.56 pistol is the first launch in the pistol platform for ET Arms. Many people may remember the PlumCrazy brand from the past. ET Arms has used modern machining technology to better perfect the polymer […]

Bond Arms Introduces 22LR Double Barrel Derringers to the Lineup

Bond Arms Stinger and Rawhide Stainless

Looking for a small and easily carried pocket pistol? You most likely already know about Bond Arms Double Barrel Derringers. What you may not realize is that there are now three Bond Arms handguns that are chambered in 22LR, making any recoil concerns a moot point. Visiting with company owner, Gordon Bond at this year’s […]

The Hellcat Pro Desert FDE! The Total Package

Springfield Hellcat Pro Desert FDE

If you are a conceal carry owner who studies up on the best handguns to carry, you’d have to be living in a closet somewhere off the coast of Greenland to have never heard of the Springfield Hellcat. The Hellcat came onto the scene several years ago and quickly became one of the top handguns […]

Springfield Armory® Announces Release of Hellcat Pro in Desert FDE

Hellcat Pro Desert FDE

Combining class-leading concealability with the performance of a larger handgun to provide an exceptional everyday carry pistol, Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the release of the Hellcat® Pro 9mm pistol in Desert Flat Dark Earth (FDE). Designed to deliver the perfect balance, the Desert FDE Hellcat Pro is a compact pistol chambered in 9mm […]