Shimano Unveils the World Minnow 115SP

Effective in both cold and warm water, jerkbaits represent a staple in every serious angler’s tackle collection for largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass alike. Indeed, few lures capture more bass than jerkbaits. At ICAST 2021, Shimano upends the bass fishing universe with the new World Minnow 115SP: A technology-infused jerkbait that triggers strikes from trophy-caliber bass wherever they swim. Three Shimano premium technologies – FLASH BOOST, JET BOOST, and SCALE BOOST –  converge in the World Minnow 115SP to make it the ultimate suspending jerkbait.

The patent-protected FLASH BOOST system in the Shimano World Minnow 115SP provides a fish-attracting flash during all phases of the retrieve – even on the pause. FLASH BOOST suspends a highly polished, reflective foil on micro springs within a hollow chamber in the lure’s body. The slightest motion activates this system, sending flash cascading through the water column toward lurking predators. When the angler pauses the bait during the retrieve, the reflective foil continues to shimmer, effectively mimicking the flash of a quivering and wounded baitfish suspended in the water column. The bass-attracting qualities of the Shimano FLASH BOOST system are active the entire time that the lure is in the water.

“Shimano nailed it with the World Minnow 115SP,” argues Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Bernie Schultz, who put the lure to the test at the recent Elite Series event on the St. Lawrence River. The World Minnow 115SP was responsible for some of Schultz’s key strikes that elevated the Shimano pro to a vaunted top-10 finish. “It is, by far, the most unique jerkbait available today. FLASH BOOST sets the World Minnow 115SP apart from anything else in its class, and its deliberate, radical motions attract fish and trigger strikes. Both largemouth and smallmouth find it irresistible. The World Minnow 115SP just made my other jerkbaits obsolete.”

“Up in smallmouth country, where jerkbaits are the central player in spring and fall, the FLASH BOOST system in the new World Minnow 115SP is going to drive bass bonkers,” asserts Bassmaster Elite Series champion and smallmouth-whisperer Jeff ‘Gussy’ Gustafson. “The reflective FLASH BOOST foil continues to shimmy even during the long pause that triggers strikes in cold water. No other lure creates this amount of flash when it’s standing still; with the World Minnow 115SP, no bass is safe.”


Shimano designed the exclusive JET BOOST system in the World Minnow 115SP with a singularity of purpose: To enhance the distance of every cast. The JET BOOST system increases casting distance and accuracy by capitalizing on the physics of the casting motion with a spring-loaded weight transfer system. As the angler swings the lure backward, centrifugal forces cause an internal weight to slide into the lure’s tail during the backcast, altering the lure’s center of gravity and driving it farther through the air as the angler propels it forward.  At the end of the cast, the spring-loaded weight returns to its original position, perfectly rebalancing the lure for proper swimming action. The JET BOOST-equipped World Minnow 115SP casts up to 22% longer casts than lures of comparable size and weight. Now, every angler can cast longer and tempt more fish on every trip.

“I fish a lot of clear bodies of water – some of which are crystal clear, glacial lakes,” notes Major League Fishing Pro Circuit angler Josh Douglas. “Making a long cast is the key to getting bit. JET BOOST makes the World Minnow 115SP the best casting jerkbait I’ve ever had in my arsenal. Once it’s in the water, the World Minnow 115SP has an outstanding erratic action that bass love, all year long.”

World Minnow

Gussy affirms that, “a long cast is critical when fishing clear water. The farther you can cast the lure from the boat, the more bass you’ll catch. Thanks to JET BOOST, anglers can absolutely launch the World Minnow 115SP – especially when they’re throwing right into the wind. Unlike some of the other long-cast systems out there, the JET BOOST weight rebalances when the lure hits the water to give the lure the proper swimming motion on the retrieve. JET BOOST is a key feature that all anglers will appreciate, right from the first cast.”

A lure’s finest visual details make the biggest difference when a predator fish is within striking distance. Shimano’s proprietary SCALE BOOST system in the World Minnow 115SP amplifies a bass’ predatory instincts and triggers more attacks from trophy fish. SCALE BOOST mimics the realistic patterns of baitfish scales by utilizing an industry-exclusive composite-pitch hologram, increasing the amount and complexity of light reflected through the water. SCALE BOOST is not a paint or finish applied to the lure; instead, Shimano engineers the hologram directly into the World Minnow 115SP. The visual impact of SCALE BOOST represents next-level strike triggering at its finest.

“SCALE BOOST wraps the entire World Minnow 115SP with the most realistic pattern I’ve ever seen,” continues Douglas. “As the bait moves through the water, the holographic image evolves constantly – just like light scattering off of a fleeing minnow is always changing as it tries to escape. SCALE BOOST gets even more effective as a pursuing bass closes the distance, turning lookers into biters.”

The World Minnow 115SP dives to depths of four to six feet on the retrieve, suspends enticingly when paused, and exhibits an erratic side-to-side darting action to trigger aggressive bites from even the wariest predators. No jerkbait collection is complete without the new Shimano World Minnow 115SP. Each World Minnow 115SP is 4 ½ inches (115 mm) long, weighs ⅝ ounce (17 g), and is available in a library of ten strike-provoking color patterns including Chartreuse Head, Clown, Chartreuse Silver, Blue Silver, Ghost Ayu, Black Gold, Black/Silver, Pink Smelt, Pro Blue, and Salangidae. The Shimano World Minnow will be available soon with an MSRP of $19.99.

Learn more about the Shimano World Minnow 115SP by visiting booth 2500 at ICAST 2021 in Orlando, Florida. We look forward to seeing you there!

World Minnow
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