Sharkbanz Zeppelin Turns Sharks Away

Serious fishermen know the routine. Drop your line to the bottom, tighten up the slack, and set the hook on a solid grouper, snapper or other bottom species that’s sure to provide some tasty fillets. Now comes the hard part, cranking your catch to the surface before a shark takes half (or all) of it for lunch.

When sharks attack a fish at the end of an angler’s line, it’s called shark depredation, and it’s become a major problem in recent years, especially in Southern and Gulf Coast waters. As the fish struggles on the hook it sends erratic electrical impulses through the water that the ocean’s Taxman properly interprets as a distress signal, prompting it to move in for the kill. Reef fishermen, in particular, endure plenty of disappointments from these attacks, often losing more than half their catch to the sharped-toothed predators. In some areas, sharks even key on the sound of boat engines, gathering before vessels get their lines in the water.

Fortunately, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin, the world’s first and only shark deterrent fishing tackle, can turn the tide. A new, science-based product that generates an electromagnetic field to fend off Nature’s eating machines, it’s already winning acclaim from veteran bottom bouncers wherever sharks may roam.

Capt. Billy Delph, of Delph Fishing in Key West, Florida, has used the Zeppelin with great results. “I was skeptical at first,” he reveals, “but we achieved a 100% success rate in deterring sharks by our final day of testing. “They just didn’t want to penetrate that electromagnetic barrier.”

“I’d call it revolutionary,” adds Capt. Pat Price of Daymaker Charters in Stuart, Florida. “For many anglers, ‘getting sharked’ is a daily occurrence. But I recently finished a three-week trial with the Sharkbanz Zeppelin, and it really passed the test. When we first started, it reduced shark depredation by about 70 percent. As we experimented with different ways to use it, our results approached 90-percent reduction.”

Recognized worldwide by surfers, swimmers, divers and beachgoers, the Sharkbanz company already offers a wearable device, the Sharkbanz 2, that uses patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory sharks with amazing consistency. Backed by over a decade’s worth of research, this technology has also proven effective at deterring sharks in fishing applications. Based on this success, the new Sharkbanz Zeppelin is designed specifically for anglers. Compact and easy-to-use, it requires no batteries or charging and can replace a sinker or be tied into the main leader.

Measuring just 3.5 inches long and weighing 6 .5 ounces, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin is positioned to ride 18 to 36 inches below the tail of your catch. It sends sharks packing, serves as a conservation tool that protects sharks from being hooked, and lessens the number of bottom fish needed to ensure a family dinner. Best of all, it keeps anglers smiling.

The Sharkbanz Zeppelin retails for $75 and is available now online and will be hitting the shelves of select tackle shops and fishing centers mid-June. To see videos of the Sharkbanz Zeppelin deployed in shark-infested waters, view studies that support Sharkbanz technology, or order the Sharkbanz Zeppelin online now, visit:

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ABOUT Sharkbanz

Sharkbanz is the first wearable shark deterrent technology created by experienced ocean goers Nathan and David Garrison. Instead of waiting for the next attack to happen, they decided to do something about their underlying fear. After three years of testing, design, and development, the first version of Sharkbanz launched in 2015. Using patented magnetic technology with decades of research by marine biologists, Sharkbanz takes advantage of a shark’s unique and powerful electroreception to cause a highly unpleasant sensation that turns them away without harm. Their latest device, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin, uses the same groundbreaking technology to deter sharks from munching on angler’s catches being reeled to the surface. Sharkbanz pledges 3-percent of profits for ocean and shark conservation and aims to raise awareness on issues that impact the world’s oceans.