American Tactical Offering ROMES Target Systems

American Tactical, Inc., U.S. manufacturer and worldwide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment, is proud to offer ROMTES target systems.

ROMTES specializes in interactive live-fire targets and tactical training target systems. The ROMTES product line is centered around their patented Short Circuit Target (SCT) system, which provides immediate live-fire feedback.

The SCT technology offers valuable training benefits for civilians, law enforcement and military applications. The instant feedback saves invaluable training time on the range. Real-time hit scoring enables immediate correction and results. The target systems have near 100% accuracy for reliable scoring. The high volume hit absorption saves time and money. ROMTES targets offer multiple scoring zones for advanced and focused results. They are tactically modular so that every training session can recreate real-life scenarios. The wireless system gives the user the freedom of mobility and ease of transportation. The SCT database offers continuous shooting skill monitoring, allowing the user to easily keep track of improvement.

“We think the ROMTES target systems are a natural fit for our product line,” says Tony DiChario of American Tactical, Inc. “These target systems will pair perfectly with our extensive lineup of firearms and accessories to give our consumers a complete shooting package.”

MSRP for the ROMTES SCT PRO target system is $999.95. Additional scoring targets may be purchased for $28.95.

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About American Tactical, Inc.:
American Tactical, Inc. is both an American manufacturer and a worldwide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment to the United States of America. Offering customers a broad range of shooting sports and defense products, they search the globe to bring the best quality and prices to buyers. In addition, they manufacture many products in the United States to offer American-made options in their vast product lineup.