New Realtree Edge Belt from Groove Life

Groove Life announces the launch of a brand new belt in association with Realtree.??Groove Life, an active lifestyle accessory company based in Tennessee, researched the belt market for over a year and came up with a brand new, exclusive design. “The same guys who trust Realtree buy from Groove Life so the partnership is a no-brainer,” said Groove Life founder Peter Goodwin. “Our markets overlap, so it makes sense to provide serious outdoorsmen with a belt that fits in with their Realtree gear.”

The new Realtree Edge™ belt comes with Groove’s proprietary webbing, a tough nylon design, strong enough to hold everything together and light enough to remain low-profile.

Groove Belt/Realtree Edge

Described as “the belt you never have to adjust,” the Groove belt is also concealed carry approved. Initial feedback from customers is off the charts. The patented Groove Belt buckle is now the show-stopper. Snap and latch. A combination of rare earth neodymium magnets and A380 aluminum alloy make up the buckle. The feel of this buckle is addictive, Realtree Edge™ is the first camo pattern that allows you to blend into your hunting environment at close range. Every hunter knows the advantage of close range concealment. When you add that killer design to the best belt in the world then you’ve got one deadly combo.?

This isn’t the first time Realtree and Groove Life have worked together. Groove already sells a full line of Realtree silicone rings for men and women, from the Edge to the MAX5. The new belt is the latest extension to that line of products. What else can you do with a cool, modern camo belt? Turns out Groove Life has a few customers who found it useful in a pinch. “We recently had a customer write in to tell us he accidentally dropped his magnetic entry card into a gutter drain next to his truck,” said Peter. “He took off his Groove Belt and dipped the magnetic side into the drains and safely retrieved his card!” Keep in mind, Groove Life backs all their products with a 94-year ‘No BS’ Warranty. Burn it, break it, or lose it, Groove will replace it. The New Realtree Edge™ Camouflage Belt from Groove Life.

Groove Life. Built for Adventure.

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Groove Life launched in 2016 with the release of their flagship product, the Groove Ring. Founder Peter Goodwin wanted to wear a ring that showed his commitment to his family while meeting the demands of his work as an Alaskan guide and wilderness lodge owner. His creation not only offers durability and functionality, but rugged good looks, as well. The company has since moved its headquarters to Tennessee and now offers other products, including the first breathable watch band and the innovative Groove Belt.

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