Portable and Simple to Use Warthog Curve Knife Sharpener

Warthog Sharpener’s Curve Model is an easy to use, ultra-compact knife sharpener. The Curve utilizes a unique parabolic curve design incorporated into the diamond rods to ensure professional quality sharpening on any straight blade knife.

The Curve maintains a consistent 25-degree angle, while the spring-loaded rods apply equal pressure on each side. Sharpening a knife is as simple as laying the knife against the blade guide and making a slicing motion like cutting a tomato to get a precise high-quality edge. This patented system ensures proper sharpening that lasts longer without deterioration of the blade. The Curve uses two high-quality 325 grit diamond honing rods to create a long-lasting blade edge. The compact design makes it perfect to keep on boats, drop in your pack or any place where space is tight making it ideal for camping, backpacking, or travel. Weighs only 6 ounces. The Curve is made with high impact ABS plastic to be lightweight and waterproof.

The V-Sharp Curve is available in black, red and blue. It can be purchased for $64.99 at authorized dealers or online at www.warthogusa.com.