Iron Decoy Introduces Steelhead Colors

New for 2022 are Steelhead colors introduced by Iron Decoy. The Steely size 4, ½ ounce lures now have color selections the angler can use to target Steelhead. One of the more rare colors you find in the industry is a black base lure. “This is the very color we wanted to use for Steelhead, clear water conditions can dictate it” said Jake Major owner of Iron Decoy. Other popular combinations include the base color of silver with varying prism tape selections. The patent pending ball chain trailer can be found on all base colors except black. The Steely size 4 for Steelhead have enormous action and are very productive. The high gloss & premium components found on the Iron Decoy brand lures will guarantee a long-lasting successful lure. To learn more about the Steelhead colors visit their website at or email them at