Mid-Evil Industries Attends LEO Focused Trade Shows

Mid-Evil Industries, creator of innovative firearms accessories, is actively attending law enforcement focused trade shows this summer. In the month of June, Mid-Evil Industries attended both the 2021 NSA Conference & Exhibition and the 2021 TPA Annual Training Conference with Texas-based distributor TX-Tactical.

The NSA, or National Sheriffs Association, Conference was held in Phoenix, AZ from June 22-24. Exhibitors at this conference display a variety of products and equipment for sheriffs’ departments duties such as law enforcement, security, prisoner transport, jail/prison operations, and more. For more information about the NSA Conference & Exhibition, visit NSAConference.org.

The Texas Police Association, or TPA, Annual Training Conference was held in Bryan-College Station, TX from June 28-30. The Texas Police Association, a non-profit organization, joined local law enforcement agencies from all over Texas to share in training and exhibitions. The TPA is “dedicated to advancing professionalism in law enforcement through training and ethics.” This event offers advanced training and classes to attendees and provides an opportunity for vendors to display products, equipment and services relevant to LEO agencies. For more information on the TPA and conference, visit TexasPoliceAssociation.com.

“We are thrilled to be able to meet our law enforcement customer base in a face-to-face setting,” says Steve Azhocar of Mid-Evil Industries. “These trade shows provided a great opportunity for us to connect with the officers and departments who will be putting our products to use and see how we can help outfit them with the products they need. We are grateful to TX-Tactical for inviting us to join their booths, and we’re looking forward to the next show already.”

Pictured below are photos from the trade shows. In the first photo, Sarah Smith of TX-Tactical poses with an AR15 outfitted with the TRAMS system on one of the many different configurations available with the Overwatch Commander. This photo shows the QD Tripod mounted on another QD Tripod with Leg Extensions and Center Stabilizer. Modular parts allow the consumer to mix and match to fit their specific needs. The second photo shows an officer from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office trying out the Overwatch Commander with ARG and VFG grips.