Bowtech Introduces the 2022 CP28. Shorter. Deadlier.

When space is a premium, enter the CP28™, the most compact DeadLock® platform ever developed. The CP28 is a tree stand hunter’s dream, built around a compact but stable riser design for ultra-maneuverability and increased accuracy. The silky-smooth DeadLock Cam System produces a flat-shooting 335 FPS, with the industry-leading ease of tuning accuracy no other cam system can provide.

Powering the most accurate compact bow ever developed is DeadLock Cam technology – the most tunable and reliably accurate cam system on the planet. This revolutionary cam system provides ease of tuning, accuracy, and smooth draw unrivaled by any compact bow. Tune It, Lock It, Trust It. The only cam system that locks in accuracy.

“The CP28 absolutely obliterates the time-old perception that short axle to axle bows are unforgiving and inaccurate,” said Todd Snader, Brand Manager. “The optimized DeadLock Cam System on the CP28 is specifically designed to provide precision pinpoint accuracy, with maximum maneuverability. Due to the size of the cams, it has the stability of a 30+ inch axle-to-axle bow, while still generating extreme speed.”

The Bowtech CP28 axle to axle is perfectly at home in the stand or in the blind at 28”. This hard-hitting bow generates 335 feet-per-second, combined with a smooth-as-silk draw. An overall mass weight of 4.4lbs increases stability on the shot for accuracy at any distance.

To experience it for yourself, visit your local Bowtech dealer. Learn more at bows/CP25.

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