Daiwa’s enhanced D-VEC Boat Bag

Daiwa’s enhanced D-VEC Boat Bag sets a new benchmark in the marine industry

A Boat Bag either does its job or doesn’t. There is no in-between. Failing means the stitching tears, sidewalls crack over time at the hands of UV rays, outer fabric leeches water, handles rip away and a porous and flimsy bottom. Daiwa is proud to say the new D-VEC Boat Bag doesn’t succumb to the aforementioned flaws.

From top to bottom, Daiwa’s D-VEC Boat Bag is meticulously designed and constructed of only the best materials. Beginning with the outer material, the D-VEC Boat Bag features an incredibly durable and waterproof marine grade vinyl. Not water resistant fabric, but waterproof. The marine quality, double-zippered top is further protected by a storm flap, enhancing the D-VEC Boat Bag’s ability to repel water. Below, you’ll appreciate the non-slip, thick EVA padded bottom. The padding adds cushioning for more delicate items like a camera or smartphone.

Transporting is a breeze, too. The D-VEC Boat Bag sports padded side grab handles, pair of topside handles with Velcro closure, and a padded, removable shoulder strap for hauling when you load it to the gills. And you can rest assured the handles won’t tear away under stress, either, as the D-VEC Boat Bag’s triple stitching is your insurance policy. To that, Daiwa double-stitches all fabric seams. Daiwa’s Large D-VEC Boat Bag measure 18 x 12 x 12, the Medium, 15 x 11 x 10. MSRP’s are $59.99 and $49.99, respectively. The D-VEC Boat Bag will be available in late fall 2021.
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