CUGA Vest Offers Protection for the Active Dog

One good thing that can be said for Covid-19 is that it forced people to spend more time outdoors and they found they liked it there. They decided to bring their pets along with them, and the sport of hunting with dogs has seen a huge increase over the past 18 months. Making waves for its one-of-a-kind solutions and advanced protection that it provides for the active dog is CUGA® Inc., an outdoor products company in the pet category headquartered in Yakima, WA.

The idea for CUGA® sparked when founder Mark Meyocks was hunting in Eastern Washington in the fall of 2015 and Mark’s most adored companion, Cruiser was injured by something hidden in a grassy draw. After a pricey visit to a veterinarian’s office, Mark found Cruiser would need a month of healing before he could hunt again. He knew before he took Cruiser back out to the field it would be a requirement for his hard charging Labrador Retriever to wear a protective vest while in the field to prevent a future injury.

Gravely disappointed with the market’s current offerings, Mark purchased a sewing machine and durable outdoor fabrics from an online fabric retailer. Mark set up shop, in his fly-tying room, cut fabric and began learning to sew, building the first vest to protect the dog he loved and get him hunting again. After multiple attempts a dog vest was created that fit Cruiser well, and most importantly offered full range of motion and protection.

Mark showed the product to his dog trainer who was stunned by the quality. He told him it was “head and shoulders above anything out there” and that’s when Mark knew he was onto something. Flooded with orders from referrals and word of mouth, Mark because to build custom fitting protective vests for dogs of all shapes and sizes. After selling dozens of vests, Mark was encouraged to start a company for commercial product protection and CUGA® Inc. was formed after being thoughtfully named for “Cruiser Upland Game Armour” (CUGA).

Because demand grew at a rapid rate and CUGA® wanted to keep everything made in the USA, they chose to work with a fabricator out of Spokane, Washington with 35 years of manufacturing outdoor products to build CUGA® vests. This way they could develop vest to fit various size and breed of dogs. They began to pick up speed with direct to consumer sales and with retailers, and by the fall of 2017 CUGA® could count PHEASANTS FOREVER, ORVIS, RUNNINGS and AMAZON all as retailing outlets for the CUGA® vest.

In 2018 CUGA continued to expand their products offerings and client base. CUGA® developed a line of Liberty Bottle Works water bottles and CUGA® caps. All of CUGA® products continue to be made in the United States supporting domestic workers and jobs. Being all MADE IN THE USA as a product is important to CUGA® and is part of their DNA.

Licensed with high-quality durable Cordura® brand fabrics, CUGA® Vest fabrics providing visibility and protection in the field CUGA® has seen continued growth and exposure in the dog owner community. The market for CUGA® products has expanded to meet the needs of not only working dogs, but active dog owners in all 50 States, Canada and the UK are using CUGA® Vests on their valued companions. Now offering over 8 different sized vests for the dog apparel market CUGA® offers dog owners who have big, small, short, fat, tall or squatty dogs a quality product which is adjustable, durable, visible, breathable, while provides serious protection for a dog.

CUGA® vest is currently the only dog apparel product offering a warranty for one-year from construction and materials defects. A quality product for consumers to purchase. For orders or inquires, please contact Mark Meyocks at

About CUGA Inc.

Finally, a dog vest designed and developed by a hunter for hunting dogs. New to the scene, CUGA® Vest is the ultimate hunting vest for your 4-legged partner, designed with comfortability and function at the forefront. Made exclusively of 1000 Denier Cordura®, the trademarked design has a double layered breastplate and thoroughly protects your dog’s chest, back, sides, and underbelly from even the harshest of elements in any terrain. Lightweight and designed to fit most dogs with various sizes and variations, your dog can now go all day with no worries of cuts, pokes, abrasion or wounds to his most vital areas. Ideal for upland and waterfowl dogs, from Boykin Spaniels to Chesapeake Retrievers an any dog between. For more information or to order please visit and available in finer sporting goods stores nationwide.