Cosaint Arms Expands Double Stack Offering

Cosaint Arms has added Full Dust Cover Commander and Government pistols in 9mm, 45 ACP, 10mm and 40 S&W to their carry line of Double Stack Pistols

Usually built by custom gunmakers, the new COS21 Commander and Government double stack models introduced by Cosaint Arms offer a Tactical or Standard steel frame with full dust cover. Other notable features include, flat trigger, stippled grip, magwell, optic ready option, and 2 each MBX 20+1 mags. These additions to the existing COS21 double stack models significantly add to the offering of Officer and Commander hard coat anodized aluminum carry guns. See the entire product line at

The COS21 double stacks were an expansion of the COS11 single stack product line the company introduced in 2019. The modular design of the COS11, built with a polymer grip attached to either a steel or hard coat anodized aluminum frame, offers the same flat, smooth shooting that the traditional double stack offers but in a more traditional single stack package for the carry market.

About Cosaint Arms: Four years ago, armed with data that showed why a modular gun with a polymer grip and metal/alloy frame reduces muzzle flip or felt recoil, Cosaint (CoSent) Arms was created to produce carry guns that are more accurate when shooting multiple round bursts. The modular design, with its variety of grip sizes, frames and barrel lengths allows for a customized gun at production prices. Today, the company builds a full line of handguns in Single Stack (COS11) and Double Stack (COS21) with Officer, Commander and Government sizes and available in 9mm, 45 ACP, 10mm and 40 S&W. Not the largest maker of this design but absolutely committed to listening and delivering what the customer orders in weeks not months. You will also note, Cosaint Arm’s lifetime support means just that. Not for the original purchaser but for the owner of the gun. For more information go to or @cosaintarms