Catch Co.’s Tataki Frog: Ready to Hit A Lily Pad Near You

Catch Company, the creators of 10,000 Fish, as well as brands like Mystery Tackle Box, Karl’s Bait & Tackle, and more, are excited to announce the availability of one of their most innovative products to date. The Tataki Frog made its unofficial debut at iCAST a few weeks ago and definitely turned some heads in the new product showcase.

The Tataki Frog has several unique features that will make it a “go-to” for late summer frogging. First off, the patent pending underside weight, called the External Walking Weight, which is molded around the hooks which allows for longer casts and makes it easier to walk than most frogs. The hooks are further wrapped with tubing where they meet the body, adding an extra layer of protection from water intrusion into the body. The top section of the frog is concave between the hook channels allowing the frog to collapse easier, improving hookup ratio, and the hook channels are functionally designed to make it even more snag proof in thick vegetation or mats. The nose of the bait is designed flush with the line tie, which helps prevent build up of debris as you retrieve. The Tataki frog is available in 11 colors, weighing in at ? oz, and is 2.5” in length.

“I’m so proud of what our design team developed with this frog. This bait is a mean looking frog that walks like a dream. With our 10,000 Fish lineup we’re always so excited to bring premium design and innovative function to more anglers across the country,” says Matt Kestufskie, Director of Brands, for Catch Co.

The 10,000 Fish brand is inspired by the craftsmanship and intricacies of JDM tackle. 10,000 Fish is different from other brands, with all products including either some experimental action (like the Cyclebait) or innovative function (like the HeadHunter). The products look and move unlike anything else anglers see on the market. The 10,000 Fish lineup includes other notable lures including the Sukoshi Bug, and Yoto Worm.

The Tataki Frog is available exclusively to Karl’s Club members on Karl’s Bait and Tackle. Start a free trial at to get access or wait until the public release later this month. Karl’s Club Members save 30% on these brand new baits by joining Karl’s Club, an annual membership club, offering added benefits including enhanced shipping options, pre-releases and invite only sales.

About The Catch Company

Founded in 2012 by fishing enthusiast Ross Gordon, Catch Co. is on a mission to ‘rescue people from the indoors’ with the best products, content, and shopping experiences in all of fishing. Catch Co. is best known for its innovative commerce brands Mystery Tackle Box, the original monthly subscription box of lures and tackle, and Karl’s Bait & Tackle, a membership-based ecommerce platform. The company has developed some of the industry’s most innovative products entirely in-house. It has a passionate social community of over two million followers and produces an original video series that has garnered millions of minutes of attention. For more information and inspiration to get outside, visit