Breakthrough® Clean Technologies, a premier provider of odorless and user-safe gun care maintenance, proudly announces the new economical line of cleaning kits. Designed for shooting enthusiasts, these affordable gun cleaning kits include a stainless-steel rod, T-handle, patch holders, various bore brushes, and our All-In-One (CLP) cleaner and lubricant. Great for range and home use. Available in the following configurations:

Universal Shotgun Cleaning Kit – MSRP of $15.95

Designed to clean: .12 Gauge / 20 Gauge / 410 Bore

Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit – MSRP of $17.95

Designed to clean: .22 Cal / .243 Cal / .25 Cal / .264 Cal / .270 Cal / .284 Cal /.30 Cal / .308 Cal

Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit- MSRP of $17.95

Designed to clean: .22 Cal / .357 Cal / .38 Cal / 9mm / .40 cal / 10mm / .44 Cal / .45 Cal

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About Breakthrough® Clean Technologies:

We at Breakthrough® Clean Technologies are committed to making your equipment maintenance faster and safer than ever. Our cleaners efficiently remove fouling, dirt, grease, and grime, and our lubricants provide long-lasting corrosion protection in any environment. Our user-safe products are odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-staining, so they’re safe for you and your equipment. From our cleaning tools to our cleaners and lubricants, we strive every day to bring you the safest and most effective ways to clean and protect your equipment.

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