Bond Arms as Home Defense Weapons

Bond Arms builds the smallest, most powerful personal protection pistols in the industry. Every day people trust their lives and security to these modern derringers for personal defense. At home, some folks hang up their holster in favor of a shotgun or carbine for protection. However, a compact yet powerful pistol is often the best choice for a home defense weapon (HDW). Here are five reasons for choosing a Bond Arms pistol for home security.

Consider this; the best home defense weapon is the one you have with you. Using a CCW for home defense means it’s with you wherever you go. A concealed weapon is less likely to escalate a situation than a shotgun or rifle in a confrontation at home, yet it is ready in a split-second should things intensify. Whether you’re in the house, garage or yard, a compact pistol deploys quickly and is always at your side.

Training with a single weapon system for personal and home defense ensures proficiency under both extreme stress situations. Bond Arms derringers’ break-action design is easy to load, shoot, and reload and doesn’t jam like the more complicated semi-auto and pump-action firearms. When the bad guy kicks down your door, rest assured knowing a Bond Arms pistol will fire when you pull the trigger.

All firearms in the Bond Arms family are small and agile—a vital consideration for moving within a house’s close confines. Long-guns, on the other hand, are cumbersome and can disclose an occupant’s position. Despite their short barrels, Bond Arms pistols are accurate and deliver precise shots at home defense distances.

Pistol cartridges are less prone to over-penetration within the home and are superior to rifle cartridges in most cases. Another safety consideration is firearm retention during a struggle. Criminals can quickly overtake a homeowner wielding an awkward long-barreled gun but retaining a pistol and using it a point-blank range turns the tables on the aggressor.

Bond Arms chambers barrels in powerful cartridges including 10mm, .45ACP, .357 Mag, 9mm Luger, .45LC/410 bore shells and many more. Ammo makers load an assortment of self-defense projectiles for these cartridges. So, whether loaded with hollow-point bullets or buckshot, impacts from a pistol-length barrel are equally devastating as from their long-barreled cousins from across the room.

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