ArachniGRIP Ruger MAX-9 Slide Grip

ArachniGRIP adds slide grips for the Ruger MAX-9 optic-ready 9mm subcompact pistol to its extensive lineup.

The new ArachniGRIP Ruger MAX-9 Slide Grip is created to exacting standards to be used with or without a sighting optic. The easy-to-install slide grip provides shooters with additional gripping surface at the rear slide serrations, allowing them to cycle the slide without using the optic for leverage.

Using the slide grip and not the optic will prevent damage and misalignment to aftermarket sights. The slide grip also greatly increases control of the MAX-9 even when not using an optic. Easy to install and extremely durable, the Ruger MAX-9 slide grip is available in red or black. 

MSRP: $19.95. 


About Arachnigrip:

ArachniGRIP® was founded by two lifelong firearms enthusiasts. We are located in Parker, Colorado, at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Our company believes that all shooters should have the advantages of proper equipment and training. Our products and instructional videos are designed to aid shooters in the safe, practical, use and control of their firearms.

The Slide Spider® is designed to assist new and practiced shooters alike, affected by weakened hand and/or grip strength, in operating the slide of their semi-automatic pistol. Once installed, the Slide Spider® handgun slide grip enables the shooter to gain increased control through a safe and secure hold, while adding a personalized touch to their firearm with a customizable slide grip.