Silencer Central to Showcase at Delta Waterfowl’s Duck Hunters Expo

Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, is proud to showcase at the 2023 Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo. Attendees will gather on July 28-30, 2023 in Little Rock, Ark. for the largest event in North America dedicated to the avid duck hunter. Delta Waterfowl is a renowned conservation group working to secure the future of […]

SilencerCo’s Second Episode in “American Gun” Campaign

SilencerCo released the second episode of their “American Gun” series on August 11, 2021, discussing the diversity of gun owners across America. “American Gun: The Riflesmith” features a custom riflesmith from Lousianna, Terry, whose main clientele include military and police officers.  Vastly different from the single woman highlighted in the last American Gun episode who […]