MKS Supply Introduces the YC380: New Hi-Point .380 Handgun

MKS Supply, The exclusive distributor of Hi-Point Firearms, is thrilled to announce the launch of  the Hi-Point YC380 .380 Handgun. This eagerly awaited addition to the Hi-Point lineup combines superior performance, the new “Yeet Cannon” design, and enhanced versatility to meet the needs of firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike. The Hi-Point YC380 stands for “Yeet Cannon” and is the latest addition to the Yeet family line […]

Hi-Point 995 9mm Carbine: A Best Buy!

Hi-Point 995 9mm

There is something for everyone. I’ve always held this philosophy to be true. I also admit I had a preconceived notion when I first picked up the Hi-Point 9mm carbine at my local dealer. Much to my surprise, many of those were squashed within minutes of opening the box. It all started when I walked […]