Instant Evolution From Daiwa

The Wacky Rig

The Wacky Rig barnstormed bass fishing in the early 2000’s, offering an unusual but hugely effective method for rigging soft plastic worms. Finesse anglers in Japan reconfigured the presentation years later, creating an even deadlier approach to duping inactive and pressured fish: Neko Rigs. Since, the fishing universe has been flooded with custom Neko baits, […]

Splashing New Colors Across Popular CR Crankbait Line

New Colors for Crank Bait

Eight new color patterns provide additional sizzle across a wide range of conditions to generate more strikes and increased lunker potential. Black bass fans across the country will be thrilled to know that Ever Green International is introducing eight new colors to its highly respected CR crankbait line. Encompassing sizes 6 through 16 of the […]

Daiwa’s enhanced D-VEC Boat Bag

Daiwa’s enhanced D-VEC Boat Bag

Daiwa’s enhanced D-VEC Boat Bag sets a new benchmark in the marine industry A Boat Bag either does its job or doesn’t. There is no in-between. Failing means the stitching tears, sidewalls crack over time at the hands of UV rays, outer fabric leeches water, handles rip away and a porous and flimsy bottom. Daiwa […]

New Low-Profile Flagship Baitcaster, the Daiwa Steez CT SV

Hardcore bass fans asked for it and now Daiwa has delivered big time. Meet the brand new low-profile baitcaster Steez CT SV, a lightweight, super-smooth baitcaster packed full of Daiwa’s proprietary cutting-edge technology, unmatched in a reel this size. Daiwa’s high-end Steez line is already renown for exceptional performance, toughness and versatility. The new CT […]

Daiwa Jigs Have You Covered from Top to Bottom

From the ultimate near-surface Zakana swimming jig to the bottom-hugging Rock Rover, Daiwa tins draw vicious strikes at every depth. Cypress, Calif. – Expert anglers have their own favorite lures, techniques and ideas for generating fast action with big fish. One thing most will agree on, however, is that it’s tough to beat the fish-maddening […]