Al’s Goldfish Fish Wrap Writer Special Edition Saltwater Goldfish

Saltwater Lure

Anglers looking to catch more, and bigger, striped bass, bluefish, bottom dwellers like fluke and a wide variety of other saltwater fish under varying conditions should check out the new Al’s Goldfish Fish Wrap Saltwater Series lure. Designed by Todd Corayer, aka The Fish Wrap Writer, the Fish Wrap Writer Special Edition Saltwater Goldfish was […]

Pompano Rich Vidulich Floats

Pompano Rich Rigs

Rich is a name that is well known in several Florida surf fishing circles.  He is a long-time angler who has quite the story worth hearing and is expounded upon in his BIO.  All of this combined has earned him the nickname “The Pompano Professor.” I met Rich (virtually, as we haven’t had the chance […]

Surf Fishing…but From a RC Boat?

RC Boat Fishing

Not too long ago, I ordered a remote control (RC) boat to start taking my bait out further than I could cast.  Needless to say, when I received said boat, it wasn’t up to the task of taking bait out in the surf.  I painfully learned this when fishing with my friend Mike Smith of […]

Sputnik Sinker vs. Pyramid/Storm: Going the distance!

If the Internet is good for anything, it seems to be its ability to confuse you about which is the best fishing gear you can get. It is well documented here on the glorious Internet with tests and all sorts of technical data that seems to go either way. Then you get the angler that […]