SK Customs Releases The MANA in Stainless

SK Customs® is proud to announce the second iteration of the MANA in a stainless design. This limited-edition firearm is part of a series of Polynesian warrior inspired handguns.

The MANA, like its predecessors, is presented on a full-size Colt Classic 1911 Series 70 .38 Super, now in a polished stainless-steel frame, slide and accents. The high polished silver national matched barrel has 24 karat gold plated and high polished selective hardware with etched motifs inspired by Polynesian Ethos. Complemented by a diamond-studded factory front staked sight, the MANA comes with a newly debuted super bright white ivory polymer engraved grip.

Each MANA comes accompanied with a custom knife from the French manufacturer Deejo(r). The knife is high polished in stainless steel, weighs 37g, is etched with the Polynesian motifs to match the art designed on the MANA and comes with a composite turtle shell handle engraved “SK Customs – The MANA.”

MANA is defined as the spiritual life’s forces of energy or healing power that permeates the universe. In the Polynesian culture, anyone can have MANA as it’s a cultivation or possession of energy and power. The quality of MANA is not limited to individuals, people, governments, and places. Inanimate objects may also possess MANA.

“We honored the Polynesian worldview of MANA, by launching the second part of this Warrior Life designer collection,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Customs. “To have MANA implies influence, authority and efficacy and an ability to perform in a given situation. A Colt 1911 embodies this spirit, even as an inanimate object.”

The MANA comes with a limited-edition series number from 001 of 200 etched in 24 karat gold behind the right-side serrations. The MANA in stainless is the third series in the Polynesian Warrior Inspired Limited-Edition Designer Series with the HAKA in stainless to follow.

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