A Host of Companies on Display at the 2022 Outdoor News America Gun Writer’s Conference!

Hosted by Blue August

Another outstanding Outdoor News America writers conference just wrapped up and gave opportunity for outdoor writers and gun industry companies to rub elbows. Once again, this year’s event was held at the Texas Gun Experience indoor range in Grapevine, Texas. This 35,000 square foot facility has lots to offer with their fully stocked firearms merchandise showroom and numerous indoor ranges. Want to shoot a full auto machine gun? They have 60 different makes and models to choose from, including a Minigun!

So, what companies attended this year’s conference?  Take a look below at a very brief overview of the outstanding firearms industry companies at this year’s Outdoor News America event:

American Tactical

American Tactical was on hand again this year and as always showcasing many new innovative products on hand. One such product that caught everyone’s attention was the Romtes Short Circuit Target system (SCT). This simple shooting target system consists of several layers of target material two of which are conductive. Once a round penetrates the target it creates a short circuit between the two layers. In essence this is detected by an electronic system and then recorded on a digital display board. It provides the shooter with instant feedback of the hit location.

Check out this new target system and other products including firearms, ammunition and related gear at americantactical.us.

SCT Target System from American Tactical! Retails for less than $950!

ET Arms     

ET Arms is an Arizona-based company specializing in the production of high quality, lightweight polymer rifles. Their products are packed full of features and offered at a very affordable and competitive price point.

Their unique “Safety Trigger” allows the safety to be engaged even though the chamber is empty on an AR platform.

Currently offering AR platform carbines, pistols, complete lowers, carbon buffer tubes and parts kits.

Look them up at www.etarms.us.


Wolf Premium Oils

Looking for a protective oil for all your outdoors gear? Wolf Premium Oils has it all including specific synthetic lubricants for firearms, fishing gear, archery, and knives. All of their products are designed to lubricate, clean, protect, and extend the life of your valued outdoor products that require a protective lubricant.   

Take a look at wolfpremiumoil.com for these and related products.

Wolf Premium Oils Wolf Pack!

Shaw Barrels

Shaw Custom Barrels has been around for over 100 years and is a family-owned business. The fact that their barrels are world class is no secret with Shaw entering the firearms barrel business during the WWI era.

Today companies like CheyTac USA are just one of many using Shaw Barrels in their extreme, long-range rifles which says something in itself. Shaw offers custom barrels in over 180 calibers, and also builds custom rifles that are extremely accurate. They are offering both AR10 and AR15 platform rifles in numerous calibers along with quality bolt hunting rifles.

Find Shaw barrels at shawcustombarrels.com.

Shaw Barrels Mark 7 Rifle w/Lucid Optic Scope!


Looking for a quality ear protection product? WildEar provides the most advanced technology in hearing protection and enhancement on the market. They protect your ears from extreme noise both on and off the range. In addition, they provide hearing enhancement for safety and communication.

WildEar has the advantage of ease-of-use, simplified controls, field adjustment, durability under harsh field conditions and product quality. Special attention has also been given to achieving the absolute best fit in a custom product. WIldEar provides custom fit and molded hearing protection.

Check them out at WildEar.com.

WildEar Hearing Protection!

DeSantis Holsters

This is the 50-year anniversary of DeSantis holsters which says something. The company builds and ships from their plant in Amityville, New York. They are still owned and run by the DeSantis family; not some unknown entity. The DeSantis name is stamped on every single holster. DeSantis holsters are synonymous with innovative designs, high standards of craftsmanship and dependability.

Providing holsters for everyday carry, concealment, hunters and law enforcement DeSantis does it all with top notch quality.

Give them a look at desantisholster.com.

Desantis Holsters


Need a way to practice your shooting skills whether it be live or dry fire? Take a look at the MantisX.

Connect MantisX to the accessory rail of any firearm. Even if your firearm has no rail the company also has rail adapters so you can use the system with any of your firearms.

Next, install the smartphone application, turn on MantisX, and pair the device with a phone via Bluetooth.

Feedback is given back to your phone with every shot, live or even dry fire. Evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time.

Find more information at mantisx.com.

Mantis X Shooting System

ATN Optics

ATN was founded in 1995, and today is the leading Tech Optics company that is revolutionizing the shooting industry.

ATN Optics is the market-leading manufacturer and developer of 4K Resolution Digital Smart Optics for Day and Night operation, as well as Smart Thermal Imaging optics for ultimate Night Operations.

The optics from ATN are ideal for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement.

You can find more about ATN and their products at atncorp.com.

ATN new Thermal Monocular

Cosaint Arms

Have you always wanted a class act 1911, but just never found what you were looking for? If so, you will want to take a hard look at Cosaint Arms.

Cosaint meaning to “defend or protect”, have designed their handguns to shooter flatter, with less felt recoil and greater accuracy. Shooting a Cosaint pistol is more controllable meaning faster follow-through and getting back on target. 

The COS11 (single stack) and COS21 (double stack) are carry guns based on a modular configuration used by many leading competitive shooters worldwide.

You can build and select different options as to your preference including 10mm caliber offerings.

Look for them at cosaintarms.com.

Cosaint Arms 10mm Modular 1911 System

Simply Rugged Holsters

As the name indicates, “Simply Rugged” means each leather holster is a simple design, but also very rugged and will protect the gun. The company developed the removable “Inside/Out,” add on belt loops which allow you to quickly and inexpensively convert your holster to a secure, comfortable, IWB holster.

Simply Rugged uses full grain cowhide from Hermann Oak to build our leather holsters and leather accessories. Offerings are also available with more exotic leather including ostrich, elephant, alligator, and shark skin.

Find their online store at simplyrugged.com.

Simply Rugged Holsters

Skinner Sights

Andy Larsson has owned and operated Skinner Sights  based in St. Ignatius, Montana since 2010.  Larsson states “We have worked hard to design sights which are not only extremely functional and rugged, but to also complement the firearm.  I make high quality sights at a reasonable cost to the customer”.   

Why are Skinner Sights so great? For one they are machined from solid steel, stainless steel or bar stock. No aluminum except on picatinny rails and they are designed to enhance the aesthetics of the rifle.

Skinner Sights offers many more shooting and hunting related products including cartridge pockets, butt cuffs, slings, gun cases and a really cool Tactical Garment Bag.

For more information on Skinner Sights, please visit skinnersights.com.

Skinner Sights 1-6 Optic!

SDS Imports/Tisas

SDS Imports is an importer of firearms from around the world to serve customers in the US. The company is based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

One of their most popular products are the Tisas (meaning “quality”) semi auto pistols. These are Turkish made handguns with a focus on old world craftsmanship.

The Tisas 1911’s and the PX-9, polymer frame striker fired handguns are the most popular models here in the US. Most of their models fall in the $400 to $600 range.

Check them out at tisasusa.com.

Tisas 1911’s are a hidden Gem!

Firebird Targets

Want a target that will give immediate feedback with a flare? Then check out Firebird Targets. These “instant hit recognition flares” provide instantaneous feedback of your accuracy to hit a small target at distance. You must of course, hit the target!

The target disks have self-adhesive backing so that they can be placed directly on a target (steel targets work best) at a minimum of 50 feet. A direct hit results in an explosive result what is both audible and visual. Another plus, these targets can be used for pistol, rifle, shotgun, archery and even air rifles.

Find them at firebirdtargets.com.

Firebird Targets are a Must Have for outdoor shooting!

BOCO Ballistics

BOCO Ballistics are based in Justin, Texas. They are a full-service gun shop that focuses on custom gun builds. Hence their motto; BOCO means “Buy Once, Cry Once”.

The company works hard to deliver a unique and personal firearm to each customer. Building firearms specifically to the needs of each customer is what they are all about. Every gun build by BOCO has been carefully hand assembled, tested and tuned. BOCO provides a ‘Forever Warranty” on all firearms they produce or service.

Looking for that special firearm build that is unique to you? Check out bocoballistics.com.

Bocco Ballistics Custom AR-15s are Top of the Line Machines!

Bond Arms

Bond Arms has been around for 27 years now and is a well know name when it comes to a quality derringer style handgun. Based in Granbury, Texas they are known for building the “Smallest, most powerful personal protection you can carry”.

Aside from quality, when you add in the ability to quickly change barrels (thereby adding more calibers), coupled with aesthetic appeal and affordability that all Bond Arms handguns offer means you have a winning combination.

Bond Arms offers the Bullpup, a 9mm semiauto that is only 5.1 inches overall and weighs barely over a pound.

New for 2022 are the Stinger and Roughneck/Rawhide being offered in 22LR.

Go to bondarms.com for more information.

The New Bond Stinger all Steel Frame and Barrel

Well, that’s all folks, an overview of all products offered at this year’s Outdoor News America Writers Conference. Please support them and other gun industry products across the nation. They and you are keeping the 2nd Amendment alive and strong!


TERRY NELSON – is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement with police and sheriff agencies, including SWAT and sniper roles, and has served as a state game warden. Nelson also served seven years with New Mexico State Guard. A lifelong hunter, guide, tracker and firearms enthusiast, Terry is sought for training in multiple disciplines by both civilian and police-serving agencies and companies. Nelson also holds a Basic Tac Med instructor certification from Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

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