Have Power on the Go with the NEBO Rambler 100 Power Station

Is there a feeling worse than being on the go and suddenly realizing that a vital piece of equipment is low on power? Whether it be a mobile phone, tablet, or another needed device, being away from a power outlet when the batteries are low is inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst.


NEBO can help with their latest product, the Rambler 100 Portable Power Station. The Rambler 100 is your passport to work wherever you roam. The Rambler 100 can charge just about anything, anywhere. It is hand-held, powerful, and capable of various USB wired, wireless, as well as AC charging options. It bridges the gap between small hand-held power banks with USB ports and larger, heavier power stations with multiple USB and AC outlet ports.


Built with a rugged, impact-resistant body, the Rambler 100 is strong enough to power a laptop or smartphone at the coffee shop while still being durable enough to power a lantern, headlamp, flashlight, or drone on the trail and at the campsite. Thanks to simultaneous charge-out technology, it also allows for multi-device charging for as many as five devices at once.

The integrated AC inverter means an outlet will always be available, so users can work remotely on the road or off the grid. With 94.9 watt-hours of power, the Rambler 100 packs a lot into a compact design that weighs fewer than three pounds. It also meets the guidelines for a carry-on approved item, so users can stay powered up at the airport terminal and at 30,000 feet off the ground. 


The Rambler 100’s integrated floodlight makes it a great emergency backup tool to illuminate and help power essential devices during a power outage. It is even capable of recharging via a separately sold solar panel. Explore the full line of NEBO products by visiting nebo.acgbrands.com.


NEBO Rambler 100 Portable Power Station



  • Charging Versatility (USB + Wireless + AC) 
  • Powerful 94.9Wh, 5200mAh @ 18.25V Lithium-ion
  • Battery (26000mAh @3.65V)
  • Integrated AC Inverter
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • USB-C PD Fast Charging
  • 5-Way Multi-device Charging
  • Solar + Home + Car Input Charging
  • Floodlight (384 Lumen)
  • Air Travel Ready
  • Rugged, Impact-resistant Construction



  • MSRP $199.99