Iron Decoy Enters the Fishing Industry

Iron Decoy has entered the fishing lure industry with the introduction of their Steely line of baits. This uniquely shaped spoon produces unequaled action. The Steely is combined with a patent pending ball chain trailer that creates a lure the fishing industry has never experienced. The design & combination creates a much greater increase in strikes when compared to any other spoon in the market. This line of fishing lures is a multi-species bait that is designed for all fish. It can be used for simple cast and retrieve all the way to technical retrieves. It’s a great trolling spoon and an excellent choice for jigging through the ice. Its very distinct flutter while vertically jigging is incredibly effective. The sizes range from 1/10 oz. to a full 1 oz. for a total of 5 different sizes and 80 total combinations. The patent pending ball chain trailer design follows the previous movement of the lure further accentuating the action while producing noise and vibration. Everything from panfish to musky can be caught using the Iron Decoy, Steely line of fishing lures. Specific size & color combinations can be found for bluegill, crappie, perch, trout, shad, smallmouth bass, walleye, steelhead, lake trout, northern pike and salmon. There is also plenty of crossover color combinations to select. Iron Decoy used only premium components like Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp 3X platinum black hooks, WTP prism tape for fantastic vibrant colors and the heavy-duty high gloss jewelry type coating. This quality will ensure a long-lasting productive fish catching lure. To learn more about Iron Decoy and the Steely line of lures visit them at