Huk NXTLVL Shorts

The Huk’s NXTLVL 10.5” and 7” are the ultimate fishing shorts, built for optimal comfort and performance, and are the definition of technical performance. The water-friendly features will be a favorite for fishing and other active outdoor pursuits. The NXTLVL shorts will have you covered from sun up to sundown.

The NXTLVL Shorts are built with 52% cotton, 40% polyester, and 8% spandex. The cotton, polyester and spandex blend gives anglers the flexibility they need while maintaining shape and fit. Constructed with a UPF fabric, the NXTLVL Shorts offer all the sun protection anglers need for long days on the water—without the need to re-apply sunscreen every couple of hours.

Don’t worry about taking waves because the hydrophobic quality within the fibers transports sweat away from the skin to the exterior of the clothing, where it can evaporate more efficiently. And speaking of sweat, an anti-microbial coating inhibits and kills the growth of odor-causing micro-organisms to eliminate unpleasant smells.

Strategically located mesh-lined pockets hold gear, while a mesh liner provides support and allows the shorts to breathe. The ever-adjustable waistband ensures a perfect fit, while the gusseted crotch provides freedom of movement.

Huk offers the shorts in seven colors that coordinate with any existing line and work with anyone’s unique style. These shorts are offered at $60.00, so it will be easy to stock up on supply without breaking the bank.

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Marolina Outdoor Inc. was founded to bring deep-seated product expertise across all outdoor categories. Our innovative designs and technologically focused products create the foundation of our authentic outdoor apparel. Huk clothing represents a fresh take and a unique understanding of angling needs, offering functional styles that appeal to anglers of all ages. NOMAD is motivated to provide quality apparel so that hunters can maximize their experiences to hunt and provide sustenance regardless of the size of the game or where their pursuits lead them.