Down South Lures Deliver on Shallow Water Reds!

Down South Lures is a company you need know!

If you have never hooked a Redfish and battled him all the way to boat, you absolutely haven’t lived! Recently on a trip down to Destin, FL my bride and I set out to fight the leviathans of the flats with hopes we could hook up on some big reds! We tried multiple options from shrimp to fiddler carbs and nothing seemed to be working…even thought the conditions where perfect.

To my surprise, our guide for the day, popped out some lures that I have never laid eyes on before. Down South Lures was the name on the package, and from the looks of the product, the designers knew what they were doing.

In the words of our guide, “I stopped at a small gas station one afternoon, and to my surprise he had a fishing section. The owner must know what he is doing, because the only items he had in stock were all items that i would recommend using. He had these lures on small shelf, so I thought what the heck, I’d give them a try.”

Down South Lures

We were all glad he did. As soon as we started casting the product, the reds begin to bite. It seemed one after another we slowly found what the big fish were looking for. To be honest, Down South Lures really saved the day. We only had a short time left on our outing, but in those last few moments of fishing, we managed to pull in about five big reds, and one of the largest trouts we have ever caught!

Another Big Red!

All of the lures are made in the USA, and it seems to be the tail that is the magic behind the lure. They have a unique hybrid tail that dances on the fall, and the fish absolutely go for it!

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