The SAR 2000 9mm Handgun: A Marvel of Craftsmanship and Functionality

For years, CZ has produced the CZ-75B, but one of the major obstacles for some in owning one of these legends is the price point of well over $800 MSRP.  For the last several years the Turks have been able to produce clones of popular style handguns for a fraction of the price, but getting one with reliability and solid performance has kind of been a gamble. However, Sarsilmaz, the maker of the SAR 2000 has been able to accomplish what others have not.

The world of firearms is a realm where innovation meets tradition, and enthusiasts are constantly in search of the perfect blend between form and function. In this quest, the SAR 2000 9mm handgun emerges as a beacon of excellence, redefining expectations for quality and performance. Crafted by SAR USA, this pistol boasts impeccable internal and external finishes, setting it apart from its counterparts in the market.

At first glance, the SAR 2000 captivates with its flawless internal and external finish. The absence of machine marks and sharp edges both inside and out is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship invested in its creation. Unlike its peers, this pistol’s internal components, such as the ejector box, sear, interrupter, and trigger bar, showcase unparalleled smoothness. The ejector box, made through Metal Injection Molding (MIM), exhibits remarkable precision, with only minor mold ejector pin marks discernible.

The SAR 2000 has a thumb safety for additional security when carrying

The SAR 2000’s finish is a marvel to behold, featuring a lightly bead-blasted frosty texture that deviates from the conventional brushed stainless look. The stainless barrel, polished to a near-mirror shine, reflects the manufacturer’s dedication to perfection. Even the feed ramp and bore interior are meticulously finished, ensuring optimal functionality. Small touches, such as the beveled magazine well, slide sight rib, and upward-tapering slide, enhance both aesthetics and ergonomics.

Three dot sights, with a front sight being replaceable

Beyond its exquisite finish, the SAR 2000 is designed for utmost user comfort and convenience. The pistol boasts a traditionally shaped trigger guard, deviating from the squared-off design found in many contemporary models. For shooters who demand ambidextrous functionality, the SAR 2000 delivers, with its slide stop and safety thoughtfully positioned to prevent interference during recoil.

The SAR 2000’s enhanced ergonomics make it a joy to shoot for users with large hands

The pistol’s user-friendly features extend to its sights—a meticulously crafted three-dot system, complete with a replaceable front sight. This attention to detail ensures precise aiming and target acquisition, enhancing the shooter’s overall experience. Additionally, the molded rubber grips, adorned with checkering and the SAR logo, provide a secure hold, further emphasizing the manufacturer’s commitment to user satisfaction.

Rounded off trigger guard and mag release of the SAR 2000


I must admit, i’m typically shooting smaller handguns at the range, so when I had the opportunity to put the SAR 2000 through it’s paces, I can see what all the hype is about.  The SAR 2000 rises to the occasion with unparalleled grace. During rigorous testing, the pistol exhibited exceptional accuracy, a testament to its superior design and manufacturing. Despite being a service-grade firearm, the SAR 2000 delivers pinpoint precision, making it a favorite of mine, and a true joy to shoot.

The weight of the SAR 2000 is well-balanced and accuracy is almost perfect.

The pistol’s weight, attributed to its all-steel construction, effectively minimizes recoil, ensuring that the sights stay on target even during rapid fire. The smooth double-action trigger pull and the slightly heavy single-action trigger are balanced, providing a seamless shooting experience. For those seeking customization, the pistol’s CZ-75-based design opens the door to potential enhancements, with experts like Cajun Gun Works capable of elevating its performance further.

The SAR 2000 9mm handgun surprised me with its exceptional craftsmanship and performance. Priced remarkably below its true value, this pistol defies expectations, offering shooters a best-in-class experience without breaking the bank. Its innovative design, combined with an array of user-friendly features, makes it a top choice for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned marksmen.

For those seeking a firearm that marries elegance with precision, the SAR 2000 proves that excellence doesn’t have to come at a steep price. In a world inundated with options, this pistol shines as a testament to the artistry of firearm engineering, earning its place as a must-have for any gun enthusiast’s collection.