The Gforce GF9 Rapture: Is there room for another 9mm?

I recently had the opportunity to put my hands on the Gforce Rapture. The GF9 as they call it is a striker-fired 9mm handgun with a 12-round magazine capacity. Before we get into all the bells and whistles and the specifics, I want to explain how all this came about.

For several years I have had a Gforce shotgun that sits in the corner of my bedroom and rests by the door like watchdog. It’s my home protection gun and runs like a scalded dog. I have always been impressed with it, and when I purchased it I paid less than $300 for it.  So, when I learned Gforce was launching a 9mm handgun, it obviously piqued my interest.

I reached out to the company via e-mail and to my surprise, one of the owners emailed me back saying that they would be shipping me one for review as soon as he had them in stock. A few weeks later I was told it was on the way. I wanted to set up a call with the owner to get a little background on the product and get a basic feel for the company. I’m an old school student and I truly believe you can learn a lot about a product by knowing the people that are behind it. Bryan was the owner’s name, and I must say he was a true pleasure to communicate with. He gave me all the information I needed to gain a good anticipation of the handgun, and I was surprised to learn a lot of interesting details.

 The GForce Rapture is very appealing, and fits most Glock 9mm holsters

First, most of the parts in this handgun are made in the USA. A small fraction of them is made in Turkey by their partner manufacturer. All the parts are assembled and tested in their facility in Reno, NV. So, I’d say this handgun is 90% made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. Those items impressed me. It enables them to have a high hand in quality control and to field test each product to ensure it performs at the maximum level.

The Rapture looks the part. It’s an impressive gun right out of the box. The grip is solid and not overly designed. It has a nice stemple texture and the magazine has an extension making the pistol comfortable for guys with big hands.  The gun is very balanced and seems to be developed by someone who has lots of experience with quick target acquisition. I like that the firearm is very concealable while offering a 12 plus 1 capacity.

The GF9 comes with nice grip texture and optional backstraps

The packaging is sleek and unique, coming in a carbon fiber patterned hardback zipper box, it is stacked with three optional backstraps, a backstrap tool, an extra magazine, and optional optic mounting plates.

The GF9 has a 3.25-inch barrel. The steel slide rests on a polymer frame, but the weight of this handgun is extremely balanced and not overbearing. The sights are night sights with a large fiber optic orange front sight with gear rear sights. I love the sights on this handgun. I’m not an optic on my handgun type of shooter, so the large front sight gives me plenty to place center mass on the target. However, the slide is suited for an optic plate, and you can run an RMR if you prefer.

The Rapture has a Steel slide and a polymer frame with a lot of Glock compatibility

The GF9 is very Glock compatible, and all my Glock 19 holsters seem to fit the GF9 just fine.

Product Specs:

STYLE   9MM Handgun
FRONT SIGHT   Red Fiber Optic
REAR SIGHT   Green Fiber-Optic
MATERIAL   Glass-Filled Polymer and Steel
OTHER   Heavy in Glock compatibility

How did the Rapture perform at the range?

Shooting the rapture was a pleasure. For a gun with a sub-$ $350 price point, the performance was wonderful. I used basic 115grain ball head ammo and was able to hit center mass with every shot. I ran a full magazine of headshots at 15 yards and hit the desired area every time. Using the ball head FMJ ammo I ran into zero feed issues and shooting the Rapture proved to be enjoyable.  

Author Shooting the GF9 Rapture

Recoil on the Rapture was extremely manageable. I felt like to bore axis was high and the gun stayed firmly placed in my hand while firing. What this allows is faster re-targeting, faster rounds, and more accuracy.

Center mass shots were easily accomplished with the Rapture

For the Rapture, it fits right in the ring with Taurus G4, the Hellcat, and the Glock 26. In my opinion, it can hold its own with any of these and should strongly be considered when making a purchasing decision. When you toss in its MSRP and the fact that this handgun comes with a lifetime warranty, you really can’t go wrong. I’ve found my new truck console gun, and I’m pretty sure there will be many others making the leap to Rapture soon!

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