Merger Duo NXP50 Binoculars

Ever wondered what it’s like to see into the night with the best that thermal and digital vision technology has to offer? With the Merger Duo NXP50, Pulsar’s new first-in-class multispectral binoculars, you’ll be able to uncover night scenes like never before.

The Merging of Thermal and Night Vision

Delivered in classic ergonomic housing like the entire Merger line, the Merger Duo NXP50 multispectral binoculars are designed for those who want more than just a great thermal image. For the first time ever, users will be able to get their hands on a digital binocular system capable of both thermal and night vision.

The Merger Duo NXP50’s thermal mode will be able to detect heat signatures at long ranges, while its integrated night vision mode will be able to focus on details in full high definition. With the device’s picture-in-picture mode, users will be able to see both modes simultaneously.

Long-Range Detection

The Merger Duo’s top-class thermal channel features a high-sensitivity 640×480 pixel resolution and a 17-micron pixel pitch European-made Lynred sensor. This makes it exceptional for spotting targets even at extreme ranges and under the most adverse weather conditions.

Sharp Image Detail

The digital 1920×1200 pixel resolution channel offers ultra-low-light, full-HD digital night vision. With its highly sensitive CMOS sensor, you will clearly identify the tiniest details of your target from afar.

In addition, the Merger Duo NXP50 can detect targets in absolute darkness thanks to an attachable 940nm IR illuminator with adjustable spot positioning. This invisible infrared light increases image detail in the digital night vision channel during a pitch-black night.

Designed for Long Dark Nights

The Merger Duo NXP50 binoculars feature outstanding detection capabilities. Due to Pulsar’s advanced image boost technology and its high-sensitivity sensor, these binoculars can detect a 6 foot tall object at 2,000 yards in complete darkness.

The binoculars are powered by two rechargeable batteries: one built-in and one replaceable. This means you can hunt for up to 10 hours on a single battery charge. The dual battery system makes it quick and easy to replace a flat battery even in complete darkness.

Convenient and Portable

For ultimate comfort, Pulsar has designed a new ergonomic and modular carrying case.

Stylish but practical, the Merger Duo’s carrying case can be converted into a satchel with a shoulder strap, chest rig, or waist bag thanks to its versatile harness and buckle system and integrated MOLLE webbing. This new adaptability allows users to carry the binoculars in a manner that is most comfortable for them.

As a chest rig, the new strap and buckle system distributes the device weight on the hunter’s body, taking the load off the shoulders, back, and neck. With the new MOLLE system, it can also be attached to compatible belts and backpacks or used on chest rigs for law enforcement personnel.