CCI Releases New Clean-22 Hyper Velocity 22 LR Rimfire Ammunition

CCI launches a new product for 2023: Clean-22 Hyper Velocity. Now CCI shooters can get all the benefits of exclusive Clean-22 technology with the flat trajectories and power of an extreme-velocity load. New CCI Clean-22 Hyper Velocity clocks in at 1,550 fps, while the advanced polymer coating on the 31-grain, lead, round-nose bullet reduces fouling, especially in suppressed rimfires.

Clean-22 Hyper Velocity | CCI (

“By adding the Clean-22 Hyper Velocity to the lineup we now have a load in all common and popular muzzle-velocity windows,” said CCI’s Product Director Jason Slinkard. “This new SKU rounds off the Clean-22 product family. Customers are looking for variety, and CCI has always delivered. Shooters were often asking for a high velocity option in this product line, and this purple stuff is it!”

New CCI Clean-22 Hyper Velocity’s purple polymer bullet coating reduces lead fouling in the barrel without leaving residue. This also cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80 percent. It’s round-nose bullet utilizes optimized bullet geometry for improved accuracy. This ultra high-velocity loading reliably functions in semi-automatic firearms. It’s available in 50-count boxes; MSRP: $10.99.

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