Burris Eliminator 6 Wins Ballistic’s “Best Hunting Optic”

For nearly 20 years, Burris Optics has led the hunting industry in cutting-edge rangefinding optics technology with the Eliminator series riflescopes. That technology hit a new highwater mark earlier this year when the company officially announced the latest iteration of the Eliminator series—the Eliminator 6.

Building on the success and lessons learned from previous-generation Eliminator scopes, the all-new Eliminator 6 rolled out the most advanced and user-friendly rangefinding scope to date. And the experts agree…

“Several writers and editors had a chance to try out the Burris Eliminator at Athlon Outdoors’ Rendezvous event in October 2023,” said Linas Cernauskas, Content Director at Bleecker Street Publication. “It was one of the most talked about products at the event. The Eliminator made getting on target, every single time, so stupid easy. This is a true game changer scope for the shooting industry, hence why it won Ballistic‘s Best Editors’ Select Awards for Hunting Optic. Congratulations Burris!”

The Eliminator 6 brings to bear all the essential tools and data points hunters need to make accurate and confident shots at ethical shooting distances. And it does so with a completely redesigned profile that is more streamlined than previous-generation Eliminator scopes. Key features include:

  • Ranging – 2000+ yards on reflective targets and 1400 yards on deer hide with a press of the ranging button.
  • Environmental Monitoring – A built-in thermometer, barometer, and inclinometer, plus density altitude compensation delivers a precise ballistics solution.
  • Ballistic Compensation– Built on the BurrisConnect mobile app and uploaded to the scope, the Eliminator 6 combines ranging, environmental, and ballistic data to achieve the perfect shot.
  • Precise Aiming Solutions – The digital DOPE card works with ­the scope’s illuminated X177 reticle to display the precise holdover aiming point for the ranged distance.
  • Comprehensive User Interface – The Eliminator 6 presents up to 10 customizable data points in the heads-up display.
  • Shot Call Marker– Available for display in the HUD is bullet velocity and bullet energy at the ranged distance. Embodying the “Hunt Responsibly” ethic, bullet velocity and bullet energy at the ranged distance allow the shooter to recognize when the shot distance may be too far and the velocity/energy too low to ensure an ethical kill.

“The Eliminator 6 is, indeed, a game-changer for western game hunters and anyone who demands fast and accurate firing solutions,” said Burris Director of Marketing, Jordan Egli. “We appreciate the time that the editors at Ballistic magazine took to test this ground-breaking riflescope and are thrilled that they selected the Eliminator 6 for the Editors’ Select Awards for the Hunting Optic category.”

For more information on the new Eliminator 6 riflescope or other Burris products, visit BurrisOptics.com.