Barnett’s Hyper Raptor Crossbow

New for 2023, the Hyper Raptor leads the way with premium features, performance-driven innovation, and industry-leading technology to produce the smoothest, fastest, easiest shooting experience on the market. Best of all, Barnett® offers all of this at an incredible retail price.

At the heart of every Barnett crossbow is quality and dependability. As the leading pioneer of the modern crossbow movement, Barnett’s never-compromising focus on precision, safety and performance has earned the trust of hunters from every walk of life and every corner of the world. With over 60 years of experience and scrutinizing every aspect of every crossbow, Barnett is proud to be the world’s #1 manufacturer of crossbows.

The Hyper Raptor excels in every aspect of performance-inspired design and technology. With a lightweight composite riser and measuring just over seven inches axle-to-axle when cocked, the crossbow provides excellent maneuverability in tight-quartered hunting applications. Its pivoting limb pockets put less weight at the front of the crossbow while making a more durable shooting platform with reduced recoil and vibration. With its compact and energy-efficient design, the Hyper Raptor sends small-diameter HyperFlite™ arrows down-range with incredible speed – up to 410 feet per second and 142 ft. lbs. of energy for maximum bone-crushing penetration.

Like all crossbows in the Hyper™ series, the Hyper Raptor is paired with Barnett’s exclusive and patent-pending 20 in., .204 diameter HyperFlite arrows. The arrow’s 21% increased FOC (front of center) and 61% greater ballistic coefficient reduces wind drift which makes for a deadly combination of blistering speed, downrange accuracy and deeper penetration. With a straightness tolerance of +/- .001 in., HyperFlite arrows provide more than 25% deeper penetration than the competition.

The Hyper Raptor is not only exceptionally fast, but it proves to be tack-driving accurate as well. Barnett’s new Halo System eliminates cable crossing and cam lean to create perfectly balanced string travel for superior accuracy. Additionally, arrows are held secure with Barnett’s Soft Lok™ Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer System and CNC machined aluminum flight track provides consistency shot after shot.

The Hyper Raptor utilizes a metal-injected molded trigger and TriggerTech™ Frictionless Release Technology (a $200 value). The TriggerTech trigger features a reliable, crisp, 3-pound pull for consistent shots and improved accuracy. This is another example of how Barnett leads the industry in innovation and value. An Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) system and nock sensor are added to ensure the crossbow is loaded correctly. Additionally, the new Rope Hold Roller Ball technology keeps the RCD rope in place as you attach hooks to string for more consistent cocking. The Hyper Raptor is also offered in a pre-installed CCD format to ensure all hunters can use this innovative crossbow at their preference.

Comfort and customization add the finishing touches to the Hyper Raptor. Hunter-friendly ergonomics are enhanced by multiple features like finger safety reminders above the pass-through forend with Verti-Grip palm rest. An adjustable length-of-pull buttstock and a padded, micro-adjustable cheek-rest ensure a perfect length-of-pull and proper scope-to-eye alignment. Pre-installed string suppressors provide reduced recoil, vibration, and noise during the shot.

Barnett packs even more value to complete the Hyper Raptor package. The crossbow comes outfitted with a premium 4×36 illuminated, multi-reticle scope with flip-up caps. The scope offers precise target acquisition in a full range of ambient light conditions from twilight to high noon. The scope is adjustable so that the reticles on the scope are calibrated to exact yardages based on arrow speed.

The full package includes a premium side-mount quiver, three 20 in. HyperFlite arrows with field points, 4×36 illuminated, multi-reticle scope, integrated sled-style rope cocking device and lube wax. Best of all, the Hyper Raptor’s single bolt assembly comes mostly assembled and virtually ready-to-hunt straight out of the box.

The search is officially over for the smoothest, fastest, easiest shooting experience around. The Hyper Raptor truly delivers devastating performance with an unbelievable $599 price tag.

Hyper Raptor Features:

  • Halo System
  • Rope hold roller ball technology
  • Pivoting limb pockets
  • Proprietary STR
  • Single bolt assembly
  • Self-timing infinity cams
  • 20-inch HyperFlite™ .204 small diameter arrow compatibility
  • Shoots standard diameter arrows
  • Anti-Dry Fire trigger system
  • Updated TriggerTech™ frictionless release technology – $200 value
  • CNC-machined aluminum flight track
  • Soft-Lok floating bristle arrow retainer
  • Adjustable length-of-pull butt stock
  • Pass-through forend with Verti-Grip palm rest
  • Pre-installed string dampeners
  • Continuous fiber molded limbs
  • Lightweight composite riser mounted
  • Includes three 20” Hyperflite arrows, lubrication wax, sled style RCD, 4 x 36 illuminated reticle scope with flip-up caps, and a premium side mount quiver

Hyper Raptor Specs:

  • 410 FPS
  • 214 lb. draw weight
  • 142 ft./lb. kinetic energy
  • 7.25-in. axle to axle length (cocked)
  • 7.12 lb. overall weight

For more information, please visit WWW.BARNETTCROSSBOWS.COM.