Smith & Wesson Adds 45 Colt to the Model 1854 Series

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select: SWBI), a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, announces today the release of the new Model 1854, chambered in 45 Colt. At the time Smith & Wesson introduced the Model 1854 series, .44 Rem Mag was the caliber offering of choice. Now, starting today, you can own […]

Introducing Galco’s Corvus Speedcut Holster for Glock 17

Now available for the Glock 17 with or without red dot sight. Show off that finish and those slide cuts! If the eyes are the window to the soul, the Corvus™ Speed Cut holster is a window to your personalized pistol. And on the practical side, the speed cuts along the slide reduce friction on […]

Al’s Classic Goldfish Lure: The Must-Have for Summer Bass & Panfish Angling

Summer is finally here, and anglers are gearing up to hit the lakes in search of delicious freshwater fish such as crappie, bass, and perch. Al’s original Classic Goldfish lures are an absolute must-have for those looking to maximize their success on the water. Since 1952, Al’s Classic Goldfish lure has been a favorite among […]

Smith & Wesson Elevates Performance with New M&P Carry Comp Series

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc., a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, announces today the release of the Performance Center® M&P9 Carry Comp Series pistols. Whether you’re looking for a new everyday carry, home defense, or training pistol, this new series has you covered. Built across full-size, compact, and micro-compact frames, Carry Comp Series pistols […]

DeSantis Gunhide Mean Streak IWB Holster for SIG P365-XMACRO

DeSantis Gunhide® introduces the Mean Streak™ for the SIG P365-XMACRO The #220, Mean Streak™, is an IWB Kydex® holster built from extremely durable .080” Pewter Thermoformed Polymer. It’s user-adjustable for both height and cant It also features an integral sweat guard and an integrated “Claw” to drive the grip of the gun tight against your […]

Introducing Galco’s Thunderclap Holster for 4” 1911s

Perfectly mated to everyday carry guns or elegant special-occasion pistols, the Thunderclap™ offers a unique set of features and best-quality construction methods. The Thunderclap is the first holster in Galco’s Masterbilt™ series of best-quality, premier-grade holsters. Constructed of our finest, fully-lined premium steerhide, the Thunderclap features detailed hand-molding for both secure retention and a beautiful […]

The Rowdy XL from Bond Arms

So what would be better than taking Bond Arm’s popular Rough Series .45/410 Rowdy out to the range and firing off a few rounds? How about squeezing off a few rounds from Bond’s new Rowdy XL. Bond Arms has taken all the things firearms enthusiasts love about the Rowdy, including its solid frame, quality engineered […]

Hornady Precision Lab Scale

The Hornady® Precision Lab Scale is the ultimate tool for reloading enthusiasts who demand absolute precision. This scale, designed with cutting-edge features, boasts a lab-quality load cell and offers a .01 grain readout to redefine measurement accuracy. With a capacity of up to 3,000 grains, it caters to seasoned professionals and dedicated hobbyists. The Hornady® […]

Federal Ammunition HammerDown 45 Colt Now Available

Federal Ammunition’s HammerDown is the industry’s only ammunition product line truly designed for optimal cycling and overall performance in the time-tested, lever-action rifle platform. Federal successfully launched Its HammerDown line in 2020, and today, the product lineup now includes seven cartridge options. The latest 45 Colt, 250 Grain load is now available at select dealers. […]

Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Comp OSP

Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the launch of the Hellcat® Pro Comp OSP™ 9mm pistol. Integrally compensated to reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise, the Hellcat® Pro Comp is meticulously engineered to offer the perfect balance between concealability and capacity. The integral compensator featured on the Hellcat Pro Comp is discreetly designed with a […]