The SAR 2000 9mm Handgun: A Marvel of Craftsmanship and Functionality

For years, CZ has produced the CZ-75B, but one of the major obstacles for some in owning one of these legends is the price point of well over $800 MSRP.  For the last several years the Turks have been able to produce clones of popular style handguns for a fraction of the price, but getting […]

Federal Ammunition Announces A New Power-Shok No. 1 Buck Load

Federal Ammunition adds size No. 1 to its popular Power-Shok buckshot product line. Hunters will now have a great option for hogs, predators and more with the new Power-Shok No. 1 buck offering. The load provides the patterns and terminal performance needed, thanks to the Triple Plus wad system, quality lead pellets and granulated plastic […]

Spotlight on the Saint Torch 31 from NEXTORCH Industries

Are you a person that ventures into remote outdoor locations, believes in being prepared, spends time on the water via a boat, or perhaps assists with search and rescue efforts? Then no doubt you appreciate a quality handheld light source. Most outdoors folks have a flashlight available in the 300 to 800 lumen categories. How […]