Kawasaki Mule Fleet Line Up

The iconic Kawasaki MULE™ is a Trusted, Tried and True machine for side x side fleets. For the 2021 model year, Kawasaki introduces three new models thoughtfully tailored to meet industrial or commercial job site requirements. These models are designed for government or fleet customers that operate any size fleet of side x sides and […]

Henry Repeating Arms American Eagle…a True Work of Art

When is come to one-of-a-kind tribute rifles, Henry Repeating Arms leads the pack. Based in New Jersey with another factory in Wisconsin, Henry produces more tribute rifles than any other company. In 2019, Henry added a real work of art to their tribute lineup:  the American Eagle lever action in .22 short, long, or long […]

Arachnigrip for Better Slide Control and Harsh Condition Grip Enhancement

I can honestly say that none of us are getting any younger. With age comes its challenges, and one of those challenges is maintaining the strength and grip control that we had when we were younger. For the conceal carry owner with grip concerns, Arachnigrip offers a solution that is both practical and affordable. Arachnigrip’s […]

The Nova Freedom .22 Cal Air Rifle by American Tactical

I can remember the days of getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday and meeting my best buddy as we tracked out into the back woods to begin our fun-filled day of bird and squirrel hunting with our air rifles. So, when I was asked to write an article and review about an air rifle, […]

Does Your State Allow You to Conceal Carry while Voting? Let’s Examine the Law.

If you’re planning on exercising your Second Amendment right while casting a vote this year you better make sure you know your state’s laws regarding firearms at polling places. Although there is no federal law regulating firearms at polling places, there are a number of states that prohibit carrying a firearm where voting occurs. Some […]

Defense Pistol – Ready Positions

Defense Pistol

Three ready positions every defensive pistol owner should know News flash:  competent gun handling is equally or more important than good marksmanship. The person who can draw with efficiency of motion, and handle any malfunctions or reloads with the instinctive action that comes with good practice, is likely to prevail in competition or in a […]

Kinetic Concealment’s New KC Baby Holster

Like many, I have drawers full of holsters. Some I’ve purchased at local gun shows for less than the cost of lunch and a coffee, and others that fall into the, “I better not tell my wife” price range. Each time I buy a new holster, there always seems to be that one thing that […]

Walker’s: Specialized, Modern Hearing Protection for Work and Play

Everyone who goes shooting, mows the lawn, or engages in any other loud activities needs great hearing protection. Walker’s has stepped up and modernized “ear pro” with lots of options to suit just about anyone. Here, we’ll look at three of the company’s many products to show a sampling of what they offer to sporting […]

Introduction To Surf Fishing!

Surf fishing! A Ton of Fun for Your Next Vacation! Growing up in the South, I’m no stranger to the old Zebco 33 and fishing every pond I could find as a kid.  Not being a salt-water dweller, the idea of fishing in the ocean to me has always been one of finding the right […]